7th Time Loop Episode 1: Currently streaming, “The Villainess” follows the life of a carefree woman who is married to her arch-nemesis. The first episode is available in Japanese with English subtitles, and the show has generated a lot of buzz. We’ll be posting a recap of all the episodes soon, so stay tuned!

In episode 1, the king announces his desire to defend the castle, and a fierce sword fight ensues with a lot of bloodshed. A solitary man wields his sword and defeats everyone in his path, while the princess battles her enemy alone.

A Tale of Betrayal and Redemption

Arnold Heir, the emperor responsible for starting the war, was a skilled swordsman who stormed into the castle and defeated all the samurais before turning his attention to the princess. Unfortunately, she too met her demise at his hand. The episode kicks off with a look into the princess’s past. During her engagement talks in the castle, her father, the king, called off the engagement due to the queen’s wrongdoing. This caused distress for the queen, who was later abandoned by her parents. She wandered through the forest until she stumbled upon a stranger. They struck up a conversation, and the queen offered to sell her ring. The stranger suggested she become a merchant, and the queen accepted with enthusiasm.

7th Time Loop Episode 1 Recap

A Princess, Her Exile, and a Peculiar Ability

The princess had an unexpected experience. She was reminded of the day when she was exiled from the kingdom. Desperate to see the arrival of a caravan, she headed out to the forest area, but it was in vain. As someone with vast knowledge of plants and medicine, she had practiced medicinal skills and helped many people. This inexplicable cycle repeated itself; the queen, too, saw her exiled day.

Notably, the princess had been living her life for the seventh time without perishing for the past five years. To expand her knowledge, she sought counsel from Doctor Evan. One day, she encountered Emperor Arnold Heir in her kingdom and introduced herself as Rishe Imgard Weitzner. The princess blushed and leapt from the balcony in front of the emperor, who was shocked to see her unharmed. He ordered his samurai to prepare his horse as he desired to go somewhere.

The Princess, the King, and the Emperor

In this episode, the king who broke off his engagement confronts the princess, accusing her of being wicked. Lady Rishe, however, is unfazed and actually relieved that she won’t be marrying him. She even insults the king and declares that she can find her own worth without anyone’s help.

Suddenly, Emperor Arnold appears and surprises everyone with his question about where the princess learned her sword skills. The emperor then apologizes to Rishe and proposes to her, leaving everyone in awe. And with that, 7th Time Loop Episode 1 comes to a close.

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