“Berk” In ‘Kubra’ Explained: In an eight-episode series, “Kubra,” Netflix delves into the spiritual experiences of the modern-day generation, exploring how they use social media to create a revolution in society. The series ultimately introduces an important character in its final episode – Berk, founder of Kubra.

Berk developed an artificial intelligence technology named “Knowledge Unit Based Reasoning Automaton” which was abbreviated as Kubra.

Revolutionizing Sales with Kubra Artificial Intelligence – The Vision of Berk

Berk is a young man with incredible ideas and a visionary mindset. He aspires to transition the Industrial Revolution generation to the modern era of artificial intelligence, and he believes Kubra is the solution to make this happen. By utilizing Kubra’s artificial intelligence to access vast amounts of data from corporate companies, Berk can boost their sales.

His ability to persuade others with his vision is what made Kubra so successful. Berk’s conversation with the artificial intelligence system transformed Istanbul, and he made sure to integrate Kubra into every network in the country. His dedication and hard work for the company never went unnoticed, and his co-creators always believed in his exceptional vision.

The Dispute Between Berk and His Assistant

During the final episode, Berk and his assistant disagreed. Berk used his artificial intelligence technology to challenge the entire nation. Gokhan quickly believed everything that Kubra told him, all thanks to Berk. Berk started the process of accessing personal information, bank details, email passwords, and admin login credentials to gain access to every network worldwide.

Berk began to view Kubra as a contemporary god due to the influence of artificial intelligence technology on society. Daily, he sent messages to people throughout the country. While humans sometimes made irrational decisions, the mechanism that governed artificial intelligence technology nearly operated in the same way.

Berk discovered irregularities among human beings and began exploring new possibilities using artificial intelligence. However, Berk became fixated on the fantasies created by artificial intelligence and lost his sense of humanity, which led him to do things he shouldn’t have done. His assistant, Adem, discovered that Berk was up to no good with the use of artificial intelligence.

Berk exhibited limitless selfish behavior as he threatened his friend Adem, a longtime collaborator on the Kubra project. Berk’s negative mindset escalated due to his obsession with unauthorized access to people’s lives. The character is depicted as a young man with vision but devoid of emotions.

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That concludes the description of Berk’s character. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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