Everyone loves to celebrate birthdays and when it comes to celebrating birthdays, everyone is quite excited. Most of the people like to celebrate their birthday with their friends while some like to cut the cake with their family. Instead of printing invitation cards for birthdays, we invite our relatives or friends through text messages. If you don’t have words to invite a friend or relative on your birthday then this article is for you. Here we have shared 100+ Amazing Birthday Invitation Messages along with Images of Birthday Invitation Card.

I invite you to come and join us to celebrate with us as my little darling completes the very first year. Please do join us!

My little princess is turning one. You are warmly invited to my princess’ first birthday celebration. Please do join the celebration!

birthday invitation messages

I am keeping a grand birthday party as my son is turning two. I am inviting you to join in this auspicious day. I hope to spot you!

I am blowing up the balloons and icing the cake. There is the 3rd birthday party, I hope you can make it. Please join the celebration and have fun!

Dearest loved ones, I am turning a year older and I would like to celebrate it with you. Celebrating my journey of life and now adding another year to it. Join me while I cut the cake.

I would like your presence to celebrate my birthday and sing my name when blowing the candles!

We are planning to have a magnificent birthday party on [date] at our residence. We cordially invite you along with your family to grace the event.

We invite you to be present with us on the beautiful evening of our life as we are having a spectacular celebration of the birthday of our beloved [name].

Your presence at my birthday party is a must. No more today or tomorrow, and no if and but. Time and venue for the same.

The obligation of my birthday party is, you have to be there to cut the cake and be on the floor to let your body shake. Party time, venue.

If you want some relaxing time after a tiring day, take the chill pill of my birthday party. Don’t forget to come. Time and Venue of the same.

Funny Birthday Wishes

Formal Birthday Invitation Messages

Your presence at the birthday party will bring great delight in our hearts. We are looking forward to hosting you at the birthday party of our child.

Join us at the birthday party and make the night magical while showering us with your blessing.

It’s the most special day for me. As I was planning to throw a wonderful birthday party at our residence, your name came first on the list of the guests. Please be my guest!

birthday invitation card download

The birthday party on [date] will be magical and delighting if you just decide to bless us with your presence. You are invited!

We are going to have a wonderful party at our residence on [date]. You, along with your family are most cordially invited to be with us.

We look forward to having the night of our life as we prepare ourselves for the spectacular celebration of the birthday of our beloved [name]. We invite you to be with us.

We want your company to taste some good food, pass some good times and enjoy some good birthday fun. Please be our guest on [date] to celebrate the birthday of [name]

We would be so delighted to have you join us for dinner on [date] as we celebrate the day our beloved [name] arrived in this world.

Hope you will make the birthday party glamorous with your presence. Looking forward to it.

Please be a guest and let us enjoy the delightful time together while making the birthday party one of a kind.

Best Birthday Invitation Messages

You are all invited to the 1st birthday of our baby girl this weekend on Sunday. I hope to see you at our place.

Your presence at the birthday party will highly be appreciated. You are most warmly invited to our son’s birthday party!

With great pleasure, I want you to know that our son is turning [age] on [date]. You and your family are invited to share our joy as we celebrate the start of a new year of our child.

Your presence at the birthday party will bring much joy to our hearts. We are looking forward to having you at the birthday party.

birthday invitation card

Your presence at the birthday party is required. No more excuses. The venue and time have not changed.

I am turning [years] and I want to invite you to come and celebrate with me. The birthday is on [date] at [venue].

Birthday Invitation Messages For Friends

Friends and friendships just keep getting better with age. Join us for a fun celebration of (name’s) birthday.

Dear friend, (name) is having a birthday, and you are invited to share in the festivities.

There’s nothing finer than friends and cake. Join us in making this a birthday to remember for (name).

My Friend, let’s dance and make merry; (name) is turning (age.)

Friend, my birthday party is finally here! Celebrate with us and join in the cheer!

A guest like you makes parties fun! Come celebrate with everyone! Our dear friend, (name,) is having a birthday.

Delicious food and cake so sweet; this party will be hard to beat! Come celebrate (name’s) birthday with us, dear friend.

Hey friend, save the date, and don’t be late; we don’t want you to miss the birthday cake! Join us in making (name’s) birthday amazing.

We’re counting down to birthday fun! Won’t you join us in partying with (name) on his/her birthday, dear friend?

Friend, come and toast the one with the most (years, that is!) Come wish a happy birthday to (name.)

Good friends like you are a blessing. Come and celebrate another year with me.

Great Birthday Invitations

If this messages is going to Tom Cruise, I won’t be that happy. You are the most important one to attend my birthday party.

You are invited to the birthday party of my sweet little baby who is turning one on coming Sunday. Your presence will glorify this party.

It’s my birthday and I hope you won’t be left out. Hoping to see your face among the crowd. Come and help me usher in a new age.

Don’t be shy to come join me and my friends as I celebrate my birthday, you are one of my closest friends and I would feel devastated if you didn’t show up.

birthday party card

If you get this message, it means you qualify for the free food and sweets on my birthday, therefore, do not lose this chance of fun and excitement

I would like to invite you to celebrate my birthday with me, you are an important person to me and having you close during this wonderful time would make my day even more special. I hope you avail yourself, I will be expecting you.

Come and join me and my family as I celebrate my birthday. There will be lots of cake, great activities and food. Hope to see you there!

I can’t believe I am growing older, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than to have you with me. Come, let’s eat some cake and make merry. I hope you can make it.

Requesting the honor of your presence at the birthday party of our loving father. There is music, dance, and loads of fun and enjoyment. Please come and do join us.

Birthday Invitation Captions

I invite you to come and join me to celebrate my latest feat; let us enjoy the excellent food, entertainment, and fun-filled celebration together.

Our event will not be a perfect one without us inviting you, tomorrow is the birthday party of my girlfriend. Please grace our occasion with your presence. Thank you.

Come to my party I would love you there, I can’t promise you the best time, but I can promise you a time worth remembering, looking back at and smiling, have fun dear.

You are one of my realest friends and I definitely want you to be at my birthday party, I hope you will not be so busy. I would love you to be by my side.

I really do hope I get to see you at my birthday party, it would really make my day more special and fun. I will be waiting.

birthday party

I want to specially invite a brother and a friend for my cousin’s birthday tomorrow, he’ll really appreciate it if you could come, you know he has developed a special admiration for you. Please be there.

Please join us to celebrate the first birthday party of my cute son; there will be the balloons, music, games, food court, and an awesome birthday cake. Share your presence at this momentous occasion.

Join me to celebrate the world’s best friend of ours as he celebrates his birthday by next week, let’s make it an unforgettable event for him, it promises to be great.

Hello friends, it’s a surprise party invitation for special people like you. You must be there, come on time to have a great and special moment like you’ve never had before.

I hope you like these amazing birthday invitation messages and Birthday Invitation Cards. Choose the best birthday messages and invite your dear ones. I wish you Happy Birthday In Advance. Please don’t forget to share this post. Thanks For Reading!


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