Chained Soldier Episode 1 Recap: “Chained Soldier” is an exciting new Anime series, packed with action and adventure. At the moment, only the first episode is available, but new episodes will be released weekly. Stay tuned for updates on the latest release dates. Additionally, we’ll be providing special recaps and insights for our fans.

In the first episode of “Chained Soldier,” a giant monster appears and scares a young child. The story then follows the Supreme Commander and Hero. Keep watching to see what happens next!

An Unlikely Adventure Begins in a Public School Meeting

Amid a meeting at a public school, a group of women gathered to decide on a National Representative while the protagonist pondered his career. Suddenly, thick fog engulfed him, leaving him bewildered. Before he knew it, he found himself transported to Mato, where a monster with red eyes confronted him. However, his savior came in the form of Supreme Commander Kyouka Uzen, a member of the Demon Defence Force.

Chained Soldier Episode 1 Recap

She escorted him to join her team, who were all battling demons in Mato. The team consisted of four girls, and Commander Kyouka was still fighting relentlessly. Along with the team was a young girl named Nei who also fought alongside them.

Yuuki Wakaro Takes on Demons: A Hero’s Tale

Yuuki Wakaro is about to become the supreme commander in charge of all commanders. But before he can take command, he must first rescue himself from danger. Yuuki must fight against demons to survive, and he succeeds with the help of the Supreme Commander’s special powers. As a result, Yuuki becomes the commander’s slave and gains incredible abilities.

With his newfound powers, Yuuki fights against the demons with lightning speed and all his strength. When he returns to human form, the Commander orders him to stay put, and Yuuki manages to survive the ordeal.

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Later, Yuuki joins the defense force and gets introduced to the remaining three girls by the Commander. Although Yuuki is initially upset by being referred to as a caretaker, he is eventually welcomed by all. And so, Chained Soldier Episode 1 comes to a close.


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