Echo Series Episode 3 Recap: As of now, the show appears mediocre. Perhaps the slow pace is due to the introductory nature of the series. None the less, it doesn’t quite give off the same vibe as other Marvel shows. The expectations are high and we’re hoping for improvement in the upcoming episodes.

Episode 3 introduces a new character, Tuklo. Initially, she wants to join the tribal police, but her father advises her against it. However, we see Tuklo come to her father’s rescue when he falls into trouble with criminals.

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Chula Worries Over Maya’s Arrival

The story takes a leap to the present, where Chula is concerned about Maya’s sudden arrival. Meanwhile, Maya is kidnapped by Viccike, Henry’s assistant, and tied up inside a skating club. Bonnie, who is also looking for Maya, falls into the same trap. As Bonnie questions Maya’s strange behavior, Maya reveals that she is only there for business.

Echo Series Episode 3 Recap
Echo Series Episode 3

Viccike Calls Fisk’s Goons for Ransom

Viccike contacts Fisk’s goons and demands ransom money in exchange for Maya’s release. But Maya is trapped inside a storeroom, where she creates something using the items she finds inside. Fisk’s goons refuse to give Viccike any money and end up killing him.

Maya’s New Legs and Zane’s Phone Call

Maya manages to take down most of the goons, but things take a turn for the worse when they take Bonnie hostage, leaving Maya trapped once again. Just as Zane is about to harm Bonnie, he receives a call and they suddenly flee the scene, leaving Maya, Bonnie, and Henry bewildered.

Henry speculates that Fisk could have been the caller, leaving Maya in disbelief. After all, she had shot Fisk in the face, so how could he still be alive? Adding to the mystery, Maya receives a new pair of legs with the Choctaw symbol on them.

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Maya visits the city the whole day, and when she returns back to her house, she was shocked to see Fisk outside her house, and Echo Series Episode 3 ends here.


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