Fool Me Once Episode 1 Recap : UK Crime thriller series, “Fool Me Once,” is now streaming on Netflix, with 6 episodes of about 1 hour each available to viewers. The show features multiple audio options and subtitles. In this recap, review, and explanation of the first episode, we are introduced to Maya, the wife of a man named Joe, who was recently murdered.

The episode begins with Joe’s funeral, and we learn that Maya has a daughter named Lilly. As the investigation into Joe’s murder begins, the plot thickens.

As the show progresses, we learn that Maya’s sister was also killed a few months prior, leaving Maya completely devastated. Furthermore, we are introduced to two of Claire and Eddie’s children, Dan and Abby.

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Later on, Maya’s friend Eva provides her with a photo frame that has a hidden built-in camera before leaving her house. We are also introduced to Isabella, the nanny who works in the house. Upon returning home, Maya is stunned to discover the camera recording clips of her husband Joe playing with their daughter Lily, despite Joe being dead and buried just days earlier. Maya realizes that a shirt and shoes are missing from Joe’s wardrobe, and Isabella runs away, taking the SD card with footage of Joe.

Fool Me Once Episode 1 Recap

Sami, the investigating officer, and his assistant Marty begin looking into the case. Sami suspects that Maya killed her husband, and Maya drops Lily off at Eddie’s house before searching for Isabella. When Maya knocks on the door, she sees footsteps inside, but there is no response.

While on the flip side, Maya grapples with hallucinations of Joe, envisioning his presence everywhere she looks. Simultaneously, Maya resumes her pursuit of Isabella, but the elusive figure slips away once again. When Maya confides in Judith about seeing Joe, she is met with skepticism and a request to leave.

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Meanwhile, the investigating officer, Sam, provides Maya with a grim confirmation that her sister and husband fell victim to the same firearm. As the episode draws to a close, the audience is left with a chilling scene featuring blood stains in a vehicle, marking the conclusion of Fool Me Once Episode 1 Recap.


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