Fool Me Once Episode 2 Recap: “Fool Me Once” is a gripping crime drama series on Netflix that revolves around the murder of a man named Joe. Joe’s wife, Maya, sets out to find his killer and discovers a link between her husband’s death and her sister’s murder. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at each episode of the show, starting with episode 2.

The second episode begins with a series of flashbacks. Joe calls Maya to inform her of Clare’s death, and the show then jumps to the present day.

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In this episode, Sami questions Maya about Joe, while Maya shares some details about Claire’s murder with Eva. It is revealed that Claire had a secret phone, which she used to talk to someone in the weeks leading up to her death. Meanwhile, Sami’s condition worsens, and he begins to lose control over his mind and vision.

Fool Me Once Episode 2

Maya visits Claire’s house and discovers the secret phone in a box. Upon checking the phone, Maya finds a number belonging to a Game Club. She visits the club for help, but the owner claims to know nothing.

As the episode progresses, Sami’s condition deteriorates, and he passes out frequently. In the final moments of the episode, it is revealed through old photographs that Claire was pregnant before her first child Abby. Additionally, it is discovered that Joe’s mother sends a large sum of money to Sami every month. Episode 2 concludes with these revelations.

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