Fool Me Once Episode 3 Recap: The newly released Netflix series “Fool Me Once” has begun streaming its eight episodes, but early reviews suggest the show is slow and average. We’ve got you covered with a recap of each episode, starting with Episode 3.

In this episode, Abby and Dan delve deeper into the photos and discover a name – Alexander Dausmen – who had just moved to the same area shortly before the victim’s murder. Meanwhile, Maya returns to the club and spots the same car that has been following her for weeks. After following it, Maya is shocked to find journalist Corey behind the wheel.

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In this intriguing turn of events, Corey shares with Maya that Claire and Joe were actively investigating the frauds within Bucket’s family. During their discussion, Corey drops a bombshell by revealing the name of someone significant to the case – Tommy Dark. Intrigued, Maya decides to pay a visit to Dark’s residence, only to discover that he’s nowhere to be found.

Fool Me Once Episode 3 Recap

Meanwhile, Abby and Dan engage in a crucial meeting with Alexander, who appears willing to disclose vital information. Simultaneously, the police successfully trace the address of the bike owner linked to Joe’s unfortunate demise. On a parallel track, in the dead of night, Lilly mysteriously goes missing from Maya’s residence. To add another layer of suspense, it is revealed that Maya possesses a concealed firearm identical to the murder weapon. Episode 3 concludes with these riveting developments, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

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To be honest, each new episode seems to be more tedious than the last. The show has lost its excitement, and the pacing has slowed down considerably. In order to avoid becoming a sinking ship, the show needs to introduce some much-needed twists and turns.

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