Gokhan In ‘Kubra’ Character Explained: “Kubra,” an eight-episode series by Netflix, follows the story of a veteran military man who discovers Kubra, a special element that influences him to make significant changes in the society of believers. Join us for a thrilling ride as we delve into the complexities of this spiritual fantasy thriller.

Introducing Gokhan, portrayed by actor Cagatay Ulusoy, renowned for his roles in various television series, including The Tailor, Medzecir, and Netflix’s web series, The Protector. Gokhan’s character is a middle-aged man whose experiences during his military service have profoundly impacted him. Following the unexpected tragedies he faced, Gokhan lost many of his beloved friends and brothers while serving his nation.

Surviving a Military Attack: The Story of Gokhan

Gokhan was an exceptional soldier – the pride of the nation. He was the only member of his crew to survive a brutal military attack that claimed the lives of his fellow soldiers. The loss of his brothers weighed heavily on Gokhan, and he subsequently refused any medals or pensions offered to him.

However, Gokhan was emotionally unstable, and his loved ones worried about him. He believed that everything happened for a reason, which often caused him fear and anxiety. Gokhan worked as a manager in a mechanic shop and aspired to become a partner to marry his girlfriend, Merve. But everything changed when he received unexpected messages from Kubra. Though Gokhan found mental peace in his prayers at a faraway, secluded house, his girlfriend and mother grew concerned about his well-being. Additionally, Gokhan was an avid soccer player and enjoyed playing with his friends after work.

The Controversy of Gokhan’s Message and His Unwavering Devotion

Although millions of people believed in his message, Gokhan was criticized by some as a sinner and a fraud who was brainwashing innocent individuals. Despite the naysayers, Gokhan was deeply devoted to religious concepts and continuously explored the possibilities of Allah in all things. He stood up for his faith and never tolerated anyone speaking down about the almighty Allah.

Additionally, Gokhan remained loyal to his girlfriend Merve, never doubting her even when they disagreed. His ultimate goal was to create a better world, eliminate the negativity of sinful people, and inspire everyone to have faith.

The Story of Gokhan in Kubra, or Semavi

Gokhan was given the name Semavi by his followers, and he quickly became a trustworthy and faithful leader for all who stood by him. His popularity grew across the nation, and the Semavi foundation that he established received generous donations from supporters. This sums up Gokhan’s character.

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