Gyeongseong Creature Episode 1 Recap: “Gyeongseong Creature” is a thrilling South Korean web series, written by Kang Eun-Kyung and directed by Chung Dong-yoon and Roh Young-sub. Set in 1945, the story follows those fighting the battle between life and death at the border.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the details covered in the first episode of the show.

In the premiere episode of Gyeongseong Creature, entitled “Najin,” a Japanese troop receives orders to retreat and cover their tracks. Men in hazmat suits transport deceased bodies and attempt to dispose of them in a heap. In the midst of this chaos, an officer wearing glasses enters a room and is informed that they possess 12 serums and 8 Najin.

Following the frenzied events, two officers can be seen pouring gasoline near a metal door. In a desperate attempt to gain entry, one of them bangs into it, causing it to dent. As the tension builds, one of the officers ignites a match, while the senior officer signals for the rest of the team to evacuate. Inside the room, through the flames, a large humanoid creature is revealed.

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In March 1945, Gyeong Seong takes a newspaper from a young boy selling from the train, who then slips him a leaflet with news about air raids in Tokyo, written by Korean insurgents. This is where we meet Jang Tae-sang, the proprietor of the House of Golden Treasures.
Jang Tae-sang finds himself in a difficult situation when Commissioner Ishikawa tortures him over his alleged affair with Lady Maeda, the commissioner’s wife. Ishikawa threatens to seize all of Jang’s possessions and have him sent to war if he does not cooperate. To complicate matters, Mrs. Nawol warns Jang that Ishikawa will discover the truth before they have a chance to act.

Later on, Tae-sang instructs Manager Gu to inquire about the woman named Myeong-ja, and he also offers guidance to the young man who arranged a meeting with Master Kwon Jun-taek. Meanwhile, Mrs. Nawol must sell her possessions secretly and gather information about ships leaving from Gyeong Seong in case they need to flee.

Meeting with Jun-taek, Tae-sang discovers his connection to Myeong-ja just before she departs with Ishikawa. Jun-taek advises Tae-sang to donate his wealth to the Korean independence movement, but Tae-sang is uncertain and instead proposes enlisting Manchurian sleuths. Unfortunately, the first subject experienced severe headaches, while the second remained silent, during initial testing.

In the final scenes of Gyeongseong Creature Episode 1 Recap, Tae-sang arrives at home to find that Nawol has reached out to the sleuths, including Chae-ok – her father. Chae-ok declines to work with Tae-sang but agrees to help find Sachimoto and her mother. The episode concludes on a suspenseful note.


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