Gyeongseong Creature Episode 4 Recap: The gripping tale of two young adults who encounter a mysterious creature in 1945 Korea in this compelling web series. Penned by Kang Eun-Kyung and helmed by Chung Dong-yoon and Roh Young-sub, it’s a must-see for fans of sci-fi and drama. In episode 3, we witness Chae-ok’s valiant rescue of the children, as she takes down the guards in order to save their lives.

In this article, I will provide a detailed summary of episode 4 of the show. You’ll find all the essential information you need to know about the episode, including its plot and other key details.

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The episode picks up with a flashback of Chae-ok and her mother discussing the importance of bonding between two people. Soon after, Tae-sang, a soldier, rescues Chae-ok from another soldier and is subsequently sent to a hospital to save children.

Subsequently, Tae-sang comes to the aid of the children, utilizing cleaning carriages to transport them to Sachimoto’s art room. A startling moment unfolds when one of the kids stumbles upon Sachimoto’s sketches, letting out a scream. It is then revealed that the Japanese man is Sachimoto. Chae-ok, in a revealing gesture, shows Sachimoto a drawing depicting her mother, who is presently indulging in the consumption of human beings, provided to her by Lieutenant Kato and Director Ichiro.

Shifting scenes, we see a soldier reporting a scream heard in Sachimoto’s room to his superior. However, upon investigation, they find the room empty, and Sachimoto and the cleaner driving empty cleaning carts. Meanwhile, a group of kids exit the hospital just as a guest of Director Ichiro arrives in a fancy car.

During the meeting, Lady Maeda informed Director Ichiro about Jang Tae-sang’s whereabouts inside the hospital. However, the cleaner and Sachimoto returned to their respective posts to avoid drawing attention. Meanwhile, Tae-sang informed Chae-ok that she was free to leave once they found Myeong-ja’s belongings.

As they make their exit, Jun-take dispatches soldiers on the rooftop with a sword, sounding an alarm from an adjacent building. There, they come across lifeless bodies bearing a written declaration advocating Korea’s independence. Simultaneously, Lady Maeda leads Ichiro to safeguard Myeong-ja and her baby.

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In the final moments of the fourth episode, Ichiro implements enhanced security measures on all paths leading downstairs. Meanwhile, Jun-taek manages to escape, and Tae-sang takes down a soldier. The team reports to Lieutenant Kato that the creature is making its way up to higher levels of the building, leaving the audience on a cliffhanger as the episode concludes.

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