Death is inevitable, but what if you get a second chance at life after an untimely death? Such is the story of the protagonist in the recent and intriguing anime I Shall Survive Using Potions!. Though the show explores the theme of reincarnation, it is not your typical anime that relies solely on this concept. The anime takes an unconventional approach and delivers several plot twists that are sure to leave you stunned.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’re likely wondering if there will be a second season. In this article, we will examine the possibilities and share our conclusion. Additionally, we will provide insight into the characters, reviews, and streaming platform. So, without further ado, let’s delve into everything you need to know about I Shall Survive Using Potions!.

I Shall Survive Using Potions! Season 2: Possibilities

I Shall Survive Using Potions! Season 1, a 12-episode anime adaptation of FUNA’s light novel, was first released in October 2023. The last episode aired on December 24th, 2023. Currently, the light novel has 10 volumes and is still ongoing. It has also been adapted into manga, which follows the same storyline.

I Shall Survive Using Potions

At this point, there is no official announcement about I Shall Survive Using Potions! Season 2. Since the first season only recently aired, the creators have not yet planned for a second season. However, given that the light novel is ongoing, there is plenty of material to draw from for future seasons.

While it may take some time for the creators to develop new parts of the light novel, we can expect that the anime may return with a second season.

I Shall Survive Using Potions! Season 1: Story Details

The first season of I Shall Survive Using Potions! follows the story of Kaoro Nagase, a successful office worker whose life is tragically cut short. After meeting God and being promised reincarnation in a new world, Kaoro becomes a skilled potion’s mistress thanks to the help of Celestine, a powerful goddess.

In this new world, Kaoro’s potions attract the attention of greedy individuals who seek to exploit her talent. With danger lurking around every corner, Kaoro must protect herself and her potions at all costs. Will she be able to survive? You’ll have to watch the anime to find out!

I Shall Survive Using Potions! Characters

The cast of I Shall Survive Using Potions! includes Kaoro Nagase, Francette, Emile, Belle, Layette, Celestine, Roland, Fernand, Allan, Fabio, and the Administrator of the Earth.

I Shall Survive Using Potions! Reviews

The anime has received a 6.5/10 rating on IMDb and has garnered positive feedback from its reviewers. Audiences have found the anime to be enjoyable and worth watching.

I Shall Survive Using Potions! Streaming Platform

You can watch I Shall Survive Using Potions! on Crunchyroll with a subscription to the platform.

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