Night Has Come Ending Explained: “Night Has Come” is a highly rated series with 12 episodes, available now on Studio+ and Viki. Our website features a comprehensive recap of every episode, which is available in Korean with English subtitles. Unfortunately, the show is currently unavailable in India due to restrictions. We strongly advise against piracy, and suggest exploring other options.

This show follows the journey of a group of students on a field trip, whose lives take a dramatic turn when they become entangled in a dangerous mafia game. The stakes are high, and the situation quickly becomes a matter of life or death. This edge-of-the-seat mystery thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more. Get ready for an enjoyable and exciting ride!

The Mafia Game is all about uncovering the identities of the mafia members without anyone revealing their true selves. In this game, there are two mafia members, one police officer, one doctor, and several citizens. The goal is to vote out the correct person, as voting for the wrong one will result in their expulsion from the game and eventual demise. It’s a thrilling game of strategy and deduction that requires careful consideration.

Night Has Come Ending: Revealing the Climactic Events of the Series

Despite popular belief, not all the students in the show died. Yoon Seo and Jun Hee are the only ones who make it to the end, while Oh Jung tragically takes his own life. However, it should be noted that the students were not physically stuck in a game, but rather mentally trapped, once they arrived at their destination.

Park Eu, a student, had a close relationship with Yoon Seo. As a result, Park’s parents chose not to take action against Yoon Seo. They created a complex game with the assistance of coding which was developed in a laboratory where students were confined and had wires attached to their heads.

The events that occurred in the game had a tangible effect on those involved. Park’s mother was particularly obstinate, believing that everyone was to blame for her son’s suicide. There was some truth to her suspicions, as Jim Da Bum had manipulated photos of Park, leading to the young man’s depression and eventual suicide.

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As the show draws to a close, it becomes clear that the entire experience was a game. Park’s father forgives all those involved, and every student is given a second chance. As the group heads home on the bus, it’s revealed that Oh Jung, a mysterious character throughout the show, is still alive. This intriguing detail provides a subtle nod to the possibility of a future season.


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