“Ishura” Episode 3 Recap: “Ishura” is an intense anime series with twelve episodes that was adapted from a best-selling manga of the same name. If you haven’t been keeping up with the show, here’s a quick overview of the story so far.

After the Demon King’s defeat, various champions from different parts of the world are competing to become the “One True Hero.” It’s a grueling challenge that tests one’s mettle to the fullest.

Previously, we witnessed the story of a powerful Wyvern named “Alus: The Star Runner,” and learned about Aureatia City. Now, Alus is heading towards Nagan City, but will he cross paths with Soujirou and Yuno? Stay tuned to find out!

The Search for a Hero: Uncovering the Story of Taren and Dakai

The age of fear has come to an end since the Demon King’s death, and the hero who defeated the enemy of the world remains a mystery. In the Principality of Lithia, we witness Taren, the city guard, in action. Her generosity and kindness towards the people is admirable, and as part of the Twenty-nine officials of Aureatia, she holds the rank of Twenty-third General. Taren is exceptional in literary and martial arts, as well as politics. After the Demon King’s death, she declared independence from Aureatia and is now preparing for conflict with them.

Ishura Episode 3 Recap
Ishura Episode 3

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Taren has her military force and is stationed at the Central Citadel of Lithia, where she is ready for war with Aureatia. She is making all the necessary preparations, including housing a magpie named “Dakai” in her cabin. In episode one, Dakai stole the hearts of the Robot demon and took an item called “The Cold Star,” which he handed over to Taren. The magic item was documented in records from before the era of the True Demon King, and Taren believes that the “Self-proclaimed Demon King Kiyazuna” was using it to power up the great Labyrinth.

Having completed the job, Taren appointed Dakai to another assignment. The whereabouts of the hero who defeated the enemy of the world may still be unknown, but the stories of Taren and Dakai are slowly being uncovered.

Mysterious Attacks on Lithia’s Merchant Caravans: A Threat to the Kingdom

For the past two months, Lithia’s merchant caravans have been under attack, likely by outlaws sent by Aureatia. Despite Regnejee’s protection over the skies of Lithia, the threat of stolen cargo looms large. The outlaws pose a serious problem for Lithia, and Taren believes that someone is leaking information to the Aureatia Secret Service.

Dakai has been assigned the task of uncovering the source of the leak. In his investigation, he discovered several merchants who may be involved in the conspiracy. Dakai, a skilled bandit, moved quickly and defeated the shooters with his sword. Dakai’s abilities are said to be unparalleled; he can stop bullets with his consciousness, possesses extraordinary eyesight, and wields an enchanted sword. He is a bandit and a magpie from a distant world, possessing divine speed and the power of insight to conquer any obstacle.

Dakai’s presence in the Distant World is an aberration that cannot be tolerated. While he may have the skills to solve this mystery, his true intentions remain unknown.

The Hunt for a Missing Child in Lithia: A Lord of Wyvern’s Tale

Meet Regnejee, the Lord of Wyverns, whose duty is to protect the skies of Lithia. When a nine-year-old Minian child goes missing, Regnejee and his team spring into action. As they investigate, one of Regnejee’s Wyvern soldiers comes forward with a shocking revelation – Deputy Commander Lukwel of the Southern Guerrilla Unit had devoured the child.

Ishura Episode 3 Summary

Engaging in the reprehensible act of consuming Lithian citizens is considered a grave offense among the Wyverns, as it results in a breach of trust with Taren the Guard. Lukwel was left without words in the aftermath of his actions. Subsequently, Regnejee ruthlessly took his life as a consequence for his transgressions. The punishment for feasting on Lithian people may extend to a death sentence. In response, a stern directive was issued, instructing everyone to refrain from violating this rule in the future.

Later on, we learned that Curte mentioned Regnejee leaving early in the morning but had not yet returned. Coincidentally, Regnejee was with her at that very moment. Though Curte is blind, she possesses a love for writing and chatting with Regnejee. Even without sight, she can sense the beauty of LITHIA and the breathtaking dawn. Regnejee enjoyed listening to Curte sing and asked her to do so. Initially hesitant, she eventually began to sing and revealed a truly beautiful voice.

Ishura Episode 3 Ending

In Episode 3, we meet Curte, a young girl who is blind and unaware of the Demon King. One day, she encounters Regnejee and believes that his surreal song is responsible for restoring sanity. It is later revealed that Curte’s mother is the Monarch of Lithia, and Regnejee informs her of an upcoming war. Curte believes that Regnejee is an angel who enjoys music and is the inspiration for the word “Arts.”

Regnejee is a commanding wyvern who rules the skies with authority and fearlessness. He is known as “Regnejee: the Wings of Sunset.” Episode 3 ends with the introduction of a mysterious man carrying an Angel. Who is this person, and what will happen in the next episode? Stay tuned for next week’s episode to find out.

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Ishura Episode 3 ended on a positive note, but we’ll have to wait another week for the fourth. At the moment, you can view the first three episodes of this action-packed series on Disney+ Hotstar, complete with Japanese audio and subtitles.


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