Jeong Gu Won In My Demon: My Demon is a thrilling Korean fantasy drama that has taken Netflix by storm. With 20 episodes in total, the show has already become a global sensation after just four episodes. The lead characters have amassed a loyal following worldwide, leading fans to crave more insight into the show’s characters. In this article, we’ll explore the character of Jeong Gu Won, played by the talented actor Song Kang.

The Jeong character has a murky past that will be gradually revealed in future episodes. In a past scene, he helped a fisherman by providing him with fish, but then proceeded to demand something in return, ultimately taking the fisherman’s life. In the last episode, viewers learned that Jeong was once called a young master and lived among a village of happy people. While audiences are left wondering how he turned into a demon, the upcoming episodes will unravel the shocking mystery of this character.

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Jeong’s character has played an instrumental role in keeping Doo Hee out of trouble. In the previous episode, Doo Hee returned the favor by saving Jeong from a group of threatening goons. Jeong transferred his tattoo to Doo Hee’s hand, since all of his powers reside in it. Jeong is intent on ensuring that Doo Hee doesn’t remove the tattoo as it’s critical to his survival.

Rumors suggest that Jeong Gu Won has a connection with the mysterious man who is seeking the tattoo. He is aware that Doo Hee has the tattoo and is attempting to kill her as a result. However, there are several theories circulating about this topic, and it remains to be seen which one will be confirmed.

Jeong Gu Won harbors feelings for Doo Doo Hee, which is evident throughout the show. When the series begins, he is portrayed as a demon in a village and is 200 years old. He confesses his true identity to Doo Doo Hee, and now works as her bodyguard.

Why did Jeong reject the proposal of Doo Doo Hee?

Doo Doo Hee took a bold step and proposed to Jeong in front of everyone at a funeral. However, Jeong declined her offer, citing that he keeps his personal and professional lives separate. As her bodyguard, he saw rejecting her proposal as part of his professional duties. Although Doo Hee was saddened by the outcome, she respected Jeong’s decision.

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