Joo Seak Hoon In My Demon: Netflix’s romantic Korean drama series, “My Demon,” has been a hit with fans since it premiered on the streaming platform. With 10 episodes currently available, viewers have been eagerly anticipating new developments in the storyline. Due to popular demand, we’ll be providing an overview of the characters in the show, starting with Joo Seak Hoon.

Portrayed by Lee Sang Yi, Seak Hoon is Doo Hee’s closest friend and the nephew of Cheon Sook, Doo Hee’s stepmother and the chairwoman. From the start, Seak Hoon has harbored strong feelings for Doo Hee, but is constantly plagued by jealousy whenever he sees her with Jeong.

When Jeong saved Doo Hee from a mysterious attacker, Seak Hoon was also present. Both Seak Hoon and Jeong proposed to Doo Hee, but she ultimately chose Jeong because of her deep affection for him.

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Despite Doo Hee’s decision, Seak Hoon remains resentful of Jeong and tries to convince her that he is not the right man for her. He even goes so far as to gather pictures from the ’90s to prove that Jeong is a demon. However, Doo Hee is already aware of this.

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will learn more about Seak Hoon’s plans with the dance artist from Jeong’s theatre. Despite his efforts to undermine the relationship, Seak Hoon still loves Doo Hee deeply, even after her marriage to Jeong. Check out our website for episode recaps and updates on “My Demon.”

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