“Yu Yu Hakusho” is an action-packed Netflix show that blends adventure, fantasy and drama, based on the 1990-94 manga series of the same name by Yoshihiro Togashi. The story follows the journey of Yusuke, a young boy who’s given a supernatural detective job in the real world after being revived from death. Kazuma Kuwabara is one of the notable characters in the series.

Kazuma Kuwabara has a reputation for being a troublemaker who constantly seeks to defeat Yusuke in combat. Despite Yusuke managing to hold him off, Kuwabara remains steadfast in his desire to improve and eventually come out on top. When Yusuke passes away, Botan attends his funeral and notices that Kuwabara is among those mourning his loss.

It’s interesting to note that Yusuke and Kuwabara share a common trait in their approach to combat. They are both protective in nature and never inflict harm on others without provocation. Their goal is to safeguard others from bullies and intervene whenever necessary. For instance, Kuwabara once stepped in to prevent a boy possessed by a roundworm monster from causing harm, although he later regretted not being able to protect his friends who suffered injuries and had to be hospitalized.

In this particular scene, Kuwabara approaches Yusuke for help in defeating a boy who has been possessed. Yusuke shares his knowledge about yokai and how to use Spirit Energy to defeat them, but Kuwabara initially doubts him. However, after some convincing, Kuwabara comes to believe in Yusuke’s abilities.

Observing Yusuke and Botan’s conversation, he learns about his new job. When Kurama threatens Yusuke, he steps in to protect him from the yokai, forming a bond between Yusuke and Kuwabara.

Kazuma Kuwabara In Yu Yu Hakusho Actor Name

Shuhei Uesugi portrays the character of Kuwabara, and has also voiced him in various movies and series. In the American dub, Kuwabara was voiced by Christopher Sabat, who is known for his roles in One Night Morning, You Made My Dawn, and other productions.

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