Kubra Series Episode 1 Recap: Another gripping Turkish drama with religious undertones has been added to Netflix’s streaming library. The show follows Gokhan, an ex-soldier, who suddenly receives messages from a mysterious figure named Kubra. Although he is at first intrigued, these messages soon begin to disrupt his daily life.

The first episode begins with Gokhan saving a child from a trapped car. He believes this is a sign from God that he is meant to do great things. His girlfriend, Merve, is upset with him for risking his life and argues that he is acting recklessly and without purpose. Gokhan insists that it is his destiny to save the child, as he is a part of God’s plan. The argument between the two becomes heated, with Merve expressing her concerns that Gokhan is risking his life for no reason and may even be suicidal.

Merve Receives Mysterious Text Messages: A Story

The story begins with Merve, who receives a mysterious text message from someone named Kubra. Curious, he starts asking around about Kubra, but nobody seems to know who she is.

Throughout the day, Merve goes about his routine, working at the shop and playing football with his friends. However, he can’t shake off the feeling of unease caused by Kubra’s constant messages. Even his friend Serhat’s absence is a cause for concern.

As the day goes on, Kubra’s messages become more frequent and unnerving. She seems to know things about Merve that he never shared with anyone. When Merve watches TV and sees the same text message Kubra sent him said aloud, he starts to panic.

Kubra Series Episode 1 recap
Kubra Series Episode 1

Flashbacks of his time in the army and rescuing a child flood his mind. The next day, he confides in his girlfriend about the situation, and she suggests that Kubra could be someone they know or someone who has a crush on him.

A Chaotic Day in the Life of Gokhan

Gokhan and his girlfriend discuss the possibility of him becoming a partner in the shop. She encourages him to speak to the boss about it, and even her father is asking about him. Gokhan agrees to discuss the matter with his boss, Hamit. However, Gokhan becomes distracted when he suspects that Kubra might be using the Soultouch app on the staff’s phones.

Later on, Haluk, the father of Firat, the boy Gokhan saved, visits the shop to thank him with a gift. Haluk reveals that his son suffers from Behcet’s disease, which causes Gokhan to become confused. Kubra then messages him to say that Haluk’s information was incorrect.

Gokhan’s past trauma resurfaces as he thinks about the incident that occurred in the army camp where his friends died in a shootout. Kubra sends Gokhan the location of Serhat, who is smoking weed with Gokhan’s sister, Gulcan. Upon Gokhan’s arrival, Gulcan escapes while he and Serhat quarrel. Serhat decides to lay low for a while.

Soultouch App and Unexplainable Events

Gokhan returns to work after leaving home when Gulcan arrives. While working, the Soultouch app installs automatically on his phone, and he receives a message from Kubra that shocks him. Suddenly, a message appears on his computer monitor, prompting him to run outside where he witnesses a car accident. Shaken, he goes to the mosque and consults with the Muslim priest Hodja about the incident. Hodja suggests that it might be a déjà vu.

Later, Haluk and Firat visit Gokhan at the shop to thank him for saving Firat’s life. Gokhan had asked whether Firat’s medication was necessary, and Haluk subsequently had Firat tested by another doctor. The results showed that he only had a fever, and if he had continued taking the medication, he would have died.

Upon returning home, Gokhan receives a message from Kubra with a location. He goes there and meets her, where she asks him to listen to the sounds of darkness to see her. From the hilltop, Gokhan sees the lights below turn off abruptly, leaving only the mosque lights on. He hears the adhan prayers from the mosque, and Kubra Series Episode 1 ends.

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