Kurama in ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ Actor Name: The Netflix action-adventure fantasy drama is an adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga from 1990-94. In the series, Yakina manages to revive Kazuma’s lifeless body. Turakane, Koenma, and Sakyo work together to prevent the merging of the two worlds, with Sakyo sacrificing himself in a shocking act of self-destruction by shooting himself in the head.

Kurama, a Yokai who stole an artifact from the Spirit World, was discovered to be safeguarding someone he deeply cares for. He decided to reincarnate as a human, fusing his spirit with a child’s. During their quest, Hiei and Kurama aided Yusuke in fighting Younger Taguro, who challenged the injured Yokai. Unfortunately, their attempt to provoke Younger Taguro was unsuccessful, and he did not reach his full potential.

Yusuke unleashes the Spirit Gun on Younger Toguro, intensifying his attacks on the trio. During the confrontation, Yusuke uncovers that Kurama has swiped the Mirror of Darkness, a powerful object capable of fulfilling wishes and triggering natural disasters and mass killings. In the midst of this, Yusuke delves into Kurama’s past, discovering a harrowing incident where he was attacked by a creature 17 years ago and entered a fertilized egg. Kurama, forming a deep connection with his mother, ultimately emerged as her son, Shuichi.

Yusuke is assigned to capture three yokai thieves who have stolen valuable objects under the Spirit World’s surveillance. During his mission, he encounters Kurama and decides to retain the Mirror of Darkness, which Kurama believes is his mother’s only hope. Yusuke is convinced that Kurama is sincere about his mother’s circumstances due to Kurama’s concern for her well-being.

Plot Summary of Yusuke’s Journey

  • Yusuke finds out that the Mirror of Darkness can grant wishes, but it comes at a cost of the wish maker’s life.
  • Yusuke sacrifices half of his life to save Kurama, who then becomes an ally.
  • Kurama convinces Hiei to give the stolen object to Yusuke.
  • When Keiko is kidnapped, Kurama and Yusuke set out to rescue her and discover she’s on an island.

Kurama In Yu Yu Hakusho Actor Name

Jun Shison, an actor and singer recognized for his performances in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: Dinosaur Great Battle! Farewell, Eternal Friends and Ressha Sentai ToQger, portrays Kurama in both the Japanese and American anime dubs. The Japanese voice actor is Megumi Ogata, while the American voice actor is John Burgmeier.

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