Like Flowers in Sand Episode 3 Recap: “Like Flowers in Sand” is a Netflix Original Korean Romantic Comedy Drama series that is currently available on the platform with four episodes. If you’re a fan, check out our site for a complete recap of all episodes.
The second episode ends when someone calls Oh Du Sik “Honey,” and now we will see the third episode.

The third episode unveils the childhood of Baek Du as he sits beside a mysterious girl. Inquisitive voices inquire about the nature of their relationship, probing whether they are currently together and contemplating marriage in the future. Fast-forward to the present, where the enigmatic girl continues to conceal her identity as Du Sik. Curiously, she refrains from introducing Baek Du to her current partner, adding an air of secrecy to their interactions.

As Du Sik and her partner traveled in the car, they engaged in a conversation about the untimely demise of Choi Seong, who met his end in a car drowning incident. Meanwhile, Baek Du returned and encountered a girl who initiated a discussion about Du Sik. Inquisitively, she probed Baek Du, questioning whether Du Sik held a place in his heart from their childhood days.

The police continued their relentless pursuit of answers in the Choi Seong case. However, an unexpected twist unfolds at this juncture. Du Sik, also known as Nu Gyeong, and her cohabitant in the village are revealed to be undercover agents. Remarkably, both are actively engaged in investigating the very same case involving Choi Seong, adding a layer of intrigue to their roles in the unfolding mystery.

Gyeong sought out Baek Du for a conversation, emphasizing that she is not Du Sik, but Gyeong. However, she inadvertently mentioned Choi, a secret she was supposed to keep to herself. With the coach’s suicide and Choi Seong’s death, something strange was going on. Baek Du’s father was seen discussing the matter with the village people, adding to the mystery of the situation.

Gyeong’s partner made a memorable impression on the ladies of the village when he visited with Gyeong. He had a bit too much to drink and was unable to walk by the end of the night. The next day, Gyeong was busy at work, searching through archives for something important. Meanwhile, Baek Du was enjoying lunch with his family when his teammates began teasing him, calling him a “toxic”. Gyeong later entered the ring and started cleaning it up.

Baek Du seeks out our protagonist and expresses a desire to meet her partner. Kim returns to the ring to practice Sserium with a teammate while Gyeong observes and discusses something with Baek Du. Meanwhile, Gyeong reviews footage of a previous match. The following day, news of a new coach surfaces, although the mysterious circumstances surrounding Coach Yeon’s suicide remain unsolved.

When Kwak Jin Su returned, everyone was eager to meet the new coach. However, Baek Du soon discovered that the general manager had recommended him for the position. In another part of town, a police officer spotted a car parked in a no-parking zone with a woman, Chu Mi Suk, inside. The officer requested her license and documents.

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Gyeong confides in Baek Du about the coach’s position, providing words of encouragement along the way. However, in a surprising twist, Gyeong reveals that she is actually Du Sik, and the episodes 3 ends.


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