Like Flowers In Sand Episode 4 Recap: “Like Flowers in the Sand” is a 13+ rated Korean Romantic Inspiration Sports Drama series that is currently streaming on Netflix. With four episodes available to watch, the show will be updated on a weekly basis, and we will keep you updated on the release dates and character profiles. For more information, please visit our website.

In the opening scene of the fourth episode, we catch a glimpse of the childhood memories of the main characters and what they loved during that time. The present-day scene revealed Du Sik’s true identity, but Baek Du is still unaware that she’s a detective and believes that she is married. This leads to a heated argument between the two.

The female police officer introduced herself as a fellow detective. Chu Mik Su arrived in the village to join their gathering. The following day, Baek Du spotted the same woman emerging from Dik Su’s residence. The reigning champion, having visited the ring, learned that the governor had appointed a new General Manager. To his surprise, the newly appointed general manager turned out to be a woman.

As Baek Du and Su Dik strolled through the village, relishing each other’s company, Baek Du seized the opportunity to inquire about Chu Mi. Contemplating Su Dik’s suggestion about returning to the Sserium team, Baek Du mulled over the possibility of rejoining the team.
The Challenge for the Role of Coach: Jin Su vs Baek Du

Jin Su confided in Baek Du, expressing doubts about his ability to coach the sserium team. Baek Du, in response, issued a challenge to Jin Su in which the victor would assume the coaching position. On the day of the match, Jin Su took the blue Satba, while Baek Du wore the red.

An Exciting Match Takes a Shocking Turn

Sik Du eagerly anticipated the match, but in the end, Jin Su emerged victorious in the first round. Round 2 began with both fighters gripping their Satbas intensely, and Red Satba successfully completed the second raid. Baek Du came out on top in the second round. However, during Round 3, an interruption occurred that changed everything. Officials took Baek Du away for questioning, stating that he was the last person who spoke with Choi Seong.

Tension Rises as Baek Du and Investigator Partner Face Scrutiny

Du Sik and his partner are growing increasingly anxious as officials conduct investigations on a large number of individuals associated with Baek Du. Matters escalate when Jin Su’s partner is interrogated and divulges that Baek Du was engaged in a fight on the night of Choi Chiil Seong’s death. Although Baek Du had confessed to stealing money, he maintains his innocence regarding the crime.

Baek Du Returns Home and Meets with Chu and Du Sik

Upon returning home, Baek Du encounters Chu and Du Sik who were discussing the investigation with other detectives. After their conversation, Du Sik leaves and bumps into Baek Du on her way out. In front of Captain Chu, the other detective reveals that there may be something suspicious about Baek Du. To conclude the episode, the detective also discloses that Baek Du and Captain Chu have known each other since childhood.

Baek Du secretly asked Du Sik if she was a cop, but she didn’t answer. At the end of the fourth episode, Baek Du also discovered that she was still unmarried.


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