Monsieur Spade Episode 1 Recap: Scott Frank and Tom Fontana have teamed up to produce a six-episode detective series, starring Clive Owen as Samuel Spade. The story follows the character, who became famous in Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel “The Maltese Falcon.” In this new show, Samuel travels to Bozouls, France, to keep a promise he made to a woman he knows.

Monsieur Spade Episode 1 begins with Samuel driving a car with a young woman in the back seat to a house in Bozouls. When he knocks on the door and asks for Philippe Saint-Andre, an old lady answers and immediately attempts to fire Samuel. He explains that he has come to deliver Philippe’s daughter, Teresa, to the address provided by Philippe’s late wife, Brigid O’Shaughnessy. However, the old lady does not believe him and refuses to let him in.

Samuel’s Search for Philippe

Samuel visits the local police station inquiring about Philippe, but the chief of police, Patrice, behaves rudely towards him. Samuel mentions his friendship with Brigid, but the police try to exaggerate the relationship. And, Samuel reveals that he put Brigid in jail but got her out when she became ill. After she was paroled, she lived for four more years. Samuel promised Brigid that he would deliver her daughter to Philippe, but he left the station without any leads on Philippe’s whereabouts.

Monsieur Spade Episode 1 Recap
Monsieur Spade Episode 1

As Samuel and his companion leave the village, they become stranded when a tree falls on their car due to heavy rain. They sleep in the car and are awoken by a passing lady in the morning who gives them a lift.

Eight years pass, and Samuel is seen visiting his late wife Larvarone’s grave. He discovers that he has emphysema and is advised to quit smoking if he wants to live longer. Samuel also visits the orphanage where Teresa, Brigid’s daughter, currently lives.

Concerns for Teresa’s Well-being and Sam’s Troubles with Philippe

Teresa appears lonely and inactive compared to other children, prompting Sam to speak with her mother about Teresa and Philippe. Philippe’s mother has only recently begun to show interest in her granddaughter’s life, leading Sam to believe that it is a ploy to access Teresa’s inheritance money once she comes of age. Samuel resides in the home he shared with his late wife, Larvarone, and often reminisces about their life together. Previously, she was blackmailed by Philippe.

Despite his troubled past, Samuel has formed a good relationship with the police officer Patrice. Samuel has had an affair with Marguerita Devereux, the wife of Jean Pierre, but his relationship with Jean is strained, and Jean has even threatened him over the phone.

Monsieur Spade Episode 1 Summary
Monsieur Spade Episode 1

In the latest episode, Teresa rushes to Sam’s house with blood-stained clothes and a look of terror on her face. Seeking a haven, she recounts a harrowing story about what happened at the orphanage. Philippe had arrived at the orphanage with a gunshot wound, and when Teresa hugged him, she ended up with blood on her dress. Sam reassures her and arranges for the caretaker to look after her until he returns.

Sam’s attempts to call for help go unanswered, so he decides to investigate the orphanage himself. Upon arrival, he discovers that it is deserted and in a state of disarray. Venturing underground, he finds a locked door and hears the cries of young girls from within. After calming them down, he promises to save them and discovers a room full of frightened girls. As he moves towards the prayer hall, he sees nuns sitting there, looking equally terrified.

Approaching the scene, we catch a glimpse of them from behind, seated in a chilling tableau. Drawing nearer, the gruesome reality unfolds—nuns, their bodies drenched in blood, brutally slain, and arranged in a seated posture. The sight is horrifying, and how they met their tragic end is truly unsettling.

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In the teaser for the upcoming episode, we catch a glimpse of the police procedures and the introduction of several characters, leading us to anticipate a change of direction in the plot. Furthermore, we’ll likely learn some truths about the events that unfolded in episode 2.


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