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In My Demon Episode 11, Jeong emerges from the store where Doo Hee disappeared, only to find it in flames. Despite the danger, Jeong rushes inside to rescue Doo Hee – a true act of love. From the clock tower, a beggar woman observes the heroic act. Keep watching this space for more updates.

In the “Demon” series, the plot continues to thicken as Jeong’s tattoo returns, much to Doo Hee’s delight. The next day, Jeong takes in the stunning view from his balcony, and Doo Hee asks for his help dressing for the day. Jeong, using his powers, tries on various outfits until Doo Hee picks the perfect one for him.

The couple goes on a date where they encounter the beggar woman from Doo Hee’s office, who is also a demon. Doo Hee is surprised by this revelation, and they head to the office together. Meanwhile, Noh Seok is plotting something significant. The Black Suit Gang comes back to Jeong, and they are in awe of him as their new leader. Jeong revels in his newfound power after regaining his abilities.

Jeong’s manager had been inquiring repeatedly about his tattoo, but Jeong didn’t disclose the truth. Meanwhile, his theatre artist was still heartbroken over him, despite his absence. At the office, Doo Hee was reviewing a new presentation for upcoming ventures.

In a moment of reflection, Jeong felt like a demon, going around taking lives, but this time, he saw things through a human lens. Overcome with emotion, he wept at the sight of an elderly couple.

Returning to the office, Jeong and Doo Hee witnessed something shocking – Mr. Park and Doo Hee’s manager were having an affair, and they were keeping it a secret. After a long day, Jeong planned a romantic evening for Doo Hee, but he couldn’t shake the dreams of his past that haunted him at night.

In the K-drama “Mirae F&B”, Jeong returns to the beggar woman for advice on love before heading to his theatre to check up on his artist. Meanwhile, Noh Seok comes to meet Doo Hee and proposes expanding Mirae F&B to America, but Doo Hee seems uninterested in the offer.

Despite Noh’s attempts to resolve previous issues and offer a partnership, Doo Hee remains silent. Jeong then enters the room, and Noh senses his return with demonic powers.

The scene shifts to Doo Hee’s childhood, where she’s pictured happily with the chairwoman. She shows Jeong a special photo frame, and he embraces her tightly, both feeling emotional.

Later, Seak Hoon arrives at the office to speak with Doo Hee, having already met with Noh Sik. Seak Hoon appears tense after the meeting, hinting at further drama to come.

Seak Hoon attempts to discreetly enter one of Noh’s rooms and stumbles upon something suspicious. Hastening to inform Doo Hee, he reveals that he came across a green book containing details about a malevolent entity. Unbeknownst to them, Noh observes the entire conversation through CCTV and realizes that Seak Hoon has disclosed everything to Doo Hee.

Meanwhile, on another front, Noh subjects his own son to torture akin to the methods employed by the mysterious individual. His son bears the telltale blood marks on his neck, mirroring the sinister events unfolding in their lives.

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Jeong uses his demon powers to take Doo Hee to Noh’s home. Noh’s son confesses to the police that he murdered his grandmother. Doo Hee arrives and demands an answer from him regarding Madam Ju’s death. Noh’s son reveals he did not commit the crime but acted on someone else’s orders.

In the commotion, Gyeong becomes agitated, causing Doo Hee to feel uneasy. Noh is disappointed in his son’s actions. Seak Hoon joins Jeong and Doo Hee, and they discuss the situation. Jeong and Seak Hoon later go for a drink, and Doo Hee meets Jeong’s artist, who speaks highly of Jeong. Seak Hoon drinks too much, and Jeong helps him get home.

Jeong and Doo Hee return home, both succumbing to sleep. Once again, Jeong finds himself immersed in a dream from his past, haunted by the beggar woman’s cryptic words about a connection to his history. In this haunting flashback, Jeong is confronted with the painful memory of having taken the life of his once beloved. Abruptly waking from this tormenting reverie, My Demon Episode 11 concludes.

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