My Demon Episode 12 Recap: “My Demon” is an enthralling fantasy adventure Korean drama series that has captured the hearts of viewers with its 12 exciting episodes. In fact, it has become one of the most watched series on the platform. If you’re not familiar with the show, we recommend reading our detailed episode summaries.

In My Demon Episode 12, Jeong experiences the same recurring dream where he unintentionally kills his true love. We learn more about Jeong’s backstory, where he is known as “Young Master.” Jeong watches Seo Yi Sun, the woman who resembles the love of his life, practicing with swords. He becomes increasingly intrigued by her and the two eventually meet at a restaurant. After apologizing for his past behavior, Jeong and Seo start to fall in love. One day, Seo loses her shoe in the river and Jeong retrieves it for her.

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In the quaint setting of our story, Seo begins to share her journey with Jeong. Young Master, with his contagious enthusiasm, encourages her passion for dance. In a heartfelt gesture, he surprises her with fireflies, creating a mesmerizing scene. Unexpectedly, amidst the beauty, Young Master proposes to Seo.

However, Seo hesitates, expressing that marriage isn’t a feasible option. In response, Young Master, affectionately calling her “Wolsim,” insists that love has the power to save lives. Their shared commitment deepens as they embark on their studies together, with Young Master preparing for state examinations to secure Wolsim’s future.

As their love story unfolds, a shadow looms in the background. An informant brings concerns about Young Master to the Senior Master. Fearing the wrath of the villagers, Senior Master contemplates drastic consequences, suggesting that sacrificing Wolsim might be the only solution.

My Demon Episode 12 Recap

Tragedy strikes when Wolsim is forcibly taken from her home. Young Master rushes to her rescue, but his efforts prove futile, and Wolsim tragically loses her life before his eyes. The devastating loss transforms Young Master’s grief into a thirst for revenge, leading him on a path of retribution against those responsible for Wolsim’s untimely demise.

Jeong jolted awake from his slumber, realizing it was all just a dream. This time, he refused to let Doo Hee lose her life because of him. Despite feeling anxious, Jeong was relieved to know that his memory was gradually coming back. He informed Doo Hee about Wolsim, and decided to seek out the beggar woman once again.

Aware that Jeong had triggered the recollection of his memories, she cautiously broached the topic of Doo Hee. As she spoke, a surge of anger flickered in Jeong’s eyes. She remarked, “You’re transitioning from a demon to a human.”

Returning home, Jeong encounters Mr. Park, who endeavors to shed light on the significance of the tattoo and Jeong’s newfound abilities. Meanwhile, on the flip side, Doo Hee finds herself lost in contemplation, grappling with thoughts about Jeong and Wolsim.

Do Gyeong’s mother visited him in jail and broke down in tears. She was aware of everything, but they still imprisoned her son. Do Gyeong was understandably furious. Meanwhile, Kim Se Ra answered a call and accidentally fell out of a window. Across town, Seak Hoon met with Jeong, while Doo Hee received devastating news – No Do Gyeong had taken his own life in jail. Everyone rushed to the scene, including Noh Seak.

Ga Yuong was preparing for a powerful performance while Director Jeong parted ways with his colleague. As they both headed to Jeong’s theatre, Jeong could not help but recall memories of Seo while watching Ga Yuong. Touched by the performance, Jeong confessed to Doo Hee that he had killed people who loved him.

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Doo Hee comforted him by holding his hand and promising a happy ending for both of them. However, this moment of peace was short-lived as a church scene appeared where a priest begged for help after seeing the devil.

Soon after, Jeong met with Madam Ju, who discovered that Jeong had taken someone’s life. Jeong gave an evil smile as My Demon Episode 12 came to an end, leaving viewers to wonder what other dark secrets might be hiding behind his facade.


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