My Demon Episode 13 Recap, Summary: The ongoing Netflix Original Fantasy Adventure Comedy Drama Korean series, “My Demon,” has been gaining quite a following. With 14 episodes in Korean language and English subtitles, the show has become a hit due to its captivating storyline. Currently in the top 10 charts, the show is loved by viewers worldwide.

In episode 13, the story picks up where we left off with a church scene and the Chairwoman declaring that she saw the Devil. The previous episode was a shocker as it showed Gyeong taking someone’s life. Episode 13 continues with Doo Hee and Gyeong discussing Gyeong’s past, where he reveals his human name was “Seo Yi Yun.”

In the park, Gyeong shows Doo Hee fireflies before returning home. Though Doo Hee is thrilled, Gyeong is lost in thought about his past. Later, Gyeong meets the Beggar woman who had helped him before. He tells her he doesn’t want to repeat mistakes from his past with Doo Hee, but she refuses to aid him. Gyeong returns home and prepares food for Doo Hee, using his magical powers. The two think about Christmas and head to the office.

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However, on the way, Doo Hee sees an accident and becomes upset as it reminds her of her parents’ tragic passing. At work, Gyeong meets Seak Hoon to discuss Doo Hee’s reaction to the accident. Seak Hoon reveals that Doo Hee is still traumatized by the loss of her parents and the recent death of the Chairwoman.

During a meeting, Doo Hee decided to collaborate with Sunwol Theatre and shared the news with Jeong. Jeong was concerned about Doo Hee’s well-being. Meanwhile, Noh Sik did not approve of any new business ventures suggested during a meeting in the office, while his wife was visibly tense and had red marks on her hand.

My Demon Episode 13
My Demon Episode 13

Late that night, Jeong discovered Doo Hee sleeping at her desk and having a tearful dream about her parents. Jeong appeared in the dream, comforting young Doo Hee and assuring her that her parents had not left her and that she would see them again. Jeong then took Doo Hee to a place where she saw her parents, as well as Chairwoman Madam Ju. Doo Hee was overjoyed and grateful for Jeong’s powers. Jeong even expressed his willingness to bring her parents back if it were possible.

After waking up, Doo Hee finds Jeong busy decorating for Christmas, as they plan to go shopping and then head to the office. Meanwhile, Mr. Park, Doo Hee’s manager, discusses marriage with Ms. Shin. Later, Park acts strangely upon returning home and offers Jeong a lunchbox to deliver to Mirae, but she declines.

Jeong’s mood doesn’t improve when she meets with her friend, theatre artist Jin, and visits a tarot card reader. Meanwhile, Suk Min invites a woman out to dinner and asks Doo Hee and Jeong to join them. While out, Jeong helps a man with a horse race bet and ends up being discovered by the Black Suit Gang, who realizes she has supernatural abilities.

My Demon Episode 13: Flowers, Lunch, and Family Gatherings

Jeong exits the restaurant, clutching a bouquet for Doo Hee. Meanwhile, Mr. Park proceeds to the office with a lunchbox in hand. He presents the lunchbox to Ms. Shin, who blushes at the gesture. Upon being seen together, they hastily pretend to harbor animosity towards each other.

Jeong surprises Doo Hee at the office with a bouquet, explaining that it symbolizes happiness. Meanwhile, Noh’s wife, who is gravely ill, accesses a secret safe where she retrieves a green demon book. Inside, she reads that “WITHOUT POWERS, THE BODY OF A DEMON IS NO DIFFERENT FROM THAT OF A HUMAN.” Noh Sik catches her in the act and questions her about the safe’s passcode, causing her to become visibly frightened.

Later, Jeong and Doo Hee prepare for a family gathering. During the event, Seak Hoon inquires about Noh Sik’s work, which prompts Noh Sik to request that everyone transfer their shares to him. When Seak Hoon expresses his desire to keep his share, Doo Hee becomes emotional. Jeong remarks, “Family gatherings don’t end well,” as the tension between the family members escalates.

My Demon Episode 13 Summary
My Demon Episode 13

As Jeong and Doo Hee made their way home, a raid was taking place in Miare due to the actions of Noh Sin. Seak Hoon, who was outraged by the incident, vowed to do everything in his power to take Noh Sin down. In a retaliatory move, Noh Sik contacted the board and had Seak Hoon removed as CEO.

A Dramatic Showdown: Noh Sik and Jeong Face Off While Doo Hee Confronts Noh Sik

In one corner, Noh Sik issues a challenge to determine who is more powerful. Meanwhile, Jeong embarks on a mission to retrieve the demon manual. In another corner, Seak Hoon reaches out to Doo Hee to reveal Noh Sik’s true colors. Furious, Doo Hee confronts Noh Sik and becomes emotional when he reveals his intentions to rule Mirae as he sees fit, citing his mother’s tragic fate. Lastly, Doo Hee solves the mystery surrounding Madam Ju’s death at the hands of Noh Sik.

In the latest turn of events, Noh Sik has revealed to Doo Hee that her parents were not killed in an accident but were murdered by Madam Ju. It appears this revelation has traumatized Doo Hee. Meanwhile, Noh Sik’s wife has been admitted to the hospital.

Jeong inquires about the green demon book, however, Doo Hee denies having any knowledge of it.

Noh Sik shares a recording with Doo Hee that he obtained from when Madam Ju was conversing with her parents. According to the recording, Doo Hee’s parents were discussing a deal with Madam Ju, and when they left, an accident occurred. Madam Ju was heard saying, “You’re trying to blackmail me.”

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Madam Ju expressed apprehension and claimed that Noh Sik was dishonest. Later, when Jeong left the hospital room, Noh’s wife arrived and accused him of murdering his mother and son. Meanwhile, in the office, Noh attempted to harm Doo Hee. My Demon Episode 13 concludes on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

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