My Demon Episode 14 Recap: Netflix’s ongoing Korean series “My Demon” follows the lives of two main characters, Doo Doo Hee and Gyeong Ju Won, as they navigate through their complex lives. The show has been very well-received by audiences, and our site has recaps of all the previous episodes, so be sure to check them out.

My Demon Episode 14 begins with a brief recap of Episode 13, where Noh’s wife exposes the truth about Noh. On the other hand, Noh attempts to take Doo Hee’s life, but Jeong unexpectedly comes to her rescue.

In a solemn conversation, Noh confided in Jeong, revealing his newfound awareness of his extraordinary abilities. The gravity of their situation became apparent when Jeong learned that if he were to end Noh’s life, both of them would face dire consequences in the afterlife. Fearing the repercussions, Noh’s wife took matters into her own hands, approaching the police to share the full extent of their complex predicament.

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In a surprising twist, Noh assured that Doo Hee would be spared from any harm, pledging to maintain silence about their shared secret. However, the intensity of the situation took a tragic turn as Noh, unable to bear the weight of his circumstances, ultimately chose to end his own life.

Noh’s Murder Case and the Aftermath

Noh’s sister has recently discovered that he killed their mother, but his body has yet to be found. Jeong searched for Noh’s body and used his healing powers to help Doo Hee. Seak Hoon approached Doo Hee and Jeong and revealed how Noh manipulated his family. Doo Hee disclosed some information about Noh’s relationship with her family and Madam Ju.

My Demon Episode 14 Recap
My Demon Episode 14

In a later scene, Doo Hee went to sleep and Jeong joined her. Meanwhile, the Church Father read a newspaper article announcing Noh’s death. The following day, the office was in chaos as a large crowd gathered outside. Doo Hee and Jeong arrived at the office, where Seak Hoon was sleeping until Jin came to visit him and apologize for her previous behavior.

In the following scene, the Black Suit Gang unveils their new restaurant, “Sunny Spot Rice Soup.” Meanwhile, Kim hands over the Green Demon Book to Jeong when he arrives at the office. Jeong inquires about Doo Hee’s parents and begins to piece together what happened on that fateful night. Mr. Park then reveals to Jeong that Madam Ju was responsible for Doo Hee’s parents’ deaths, further complicating the investigation.

My Demon Episode 14: Doo Hee’s Search for Answers

Doo Hee switches on her laptop and is met with the news of Noh Sik plastered all over the internet. She decides to delve deeper into the Mirae Group Electrical Industrial Accident, determined to solve the mystery. Meanwhile, Shin reveals to Doo Hee that Madam Ju had enlisted his help for the past twenty years and that’s how they had met at her parent’s funeral.

Feeling tense and unsure of what to do next, Jeong reassures Doo Hee that Madam Ju had always held her in high regard. Doo Hee comes up with a plan to communicate with Madam Ju, and she and Jeong visit a local church to meet Father Michael, an old acquaintance of Madam Ju.

Although Father Michael initially resists their visit, Doo Hee inquires about Noh Sik, and Father Michael finally relents. Jeong steps out of the church, and Father Michael reveals that Madam Ju has not been entirely truthful with her.

During a conversation between Doo Hee’s father and her, he revealed Madam Ju’s confession. Later on, Madam Ju confronted Doo Hee’s parents in person. It was discovered that Madam Ju had tampered with orders to secure investments. Doo Hee’s father threatened to expose the truth and demanded that Madam Ju take responsibility for her actions. Madam Ju, however, reacted angrily. Following this tense exchange, Doo Hee’s parents left the office.

Madam Ju and the protagonist were speeding down the road when they were suddenly met with a speed bump, causing their car to crash. Meanwhile, Hee’s father gets a call from Doo Hee when Jeong appears out of nowhere, causing a fatal collision with the protagonist’s parents. Madam Ju witnessed the whole thing, including the revelation that Jeong had made a deal with Mr. Hee ten years prior. Despite surviving the accident, Madam Ju was severely injured and lost a leg. Father Michael later informed Doo Hee of the events that unfolded that day.

Jeong’s Encounter with Father Michael and the Beggar Woman

As Jeong waits for Doo Hee, Father Michael stares at him while leaving. Doo Hee is upset and crying in the washroom, but she doesn’t tell Jeong everything. Despite hearing her cry, Jeong patiently waits for her. Later, he decides to approach Father Michael in the middle of the night to make a new deal. Father Michael tells Jeong that his existence proves the existence of God and encourages him to leave Doo Hee. He also reveals that Jeong met Madam Ju years ago and only killed Doo Hee’s parents.

My Demon Episode 14
My Demon Episode 14

Feeling guilty, Jeong heads to the Clock Tower where a beggar woman appears and tells him that recognizing someone after a long time can lead to killing and that she too is a demon.

Upon arriving home, Jeong discovers that Doo Hee has left to visit Madam Ju’s graveside. He decides to follow her but departs before running into her. Meanwhile, Doo Hee shares her concerns with Madam Ju, seeking to uncover the details of her father’s agreement with Jeong. Later, Jin meets Doo Hee, who reveals that she plans to leave Korea after her final performance. Before leaving, she meets privately with Mr. Park to discuss Jeong.

Jeong’s Gruesome Secret: A Shocking Encounter

Doo Hee paid a visit to Jeong’s office, but an unexpected lady arrived seeking a new deal. Doo Hee watched in secret as the lady pleaded with Jeong to spare her life, but Jeong took it without any remorse, leaving Doo Hee shaken.

Doo Hee stumbled upon Jeong’s Clock Room, where everyone’s clocks with their names were displayed, indicating the time of their death. As Jeong approached her, Doo Hee stepped back in fear. Seak Hoon arrived to escort her, and Doo Hee confessed her love for Jeong.

Jeong’s true nature was revealed as he met with a Beggar Woman. Despite his demon-like tendencies to take lives, it was still his responsibility.

As Doo Hee made her way home, Jeong awaited her outside the office. He invited her for a walk and a Christmas celebration, but Doo Hee was pretending to be happy. Jeong took her to his beautifully decorated park, where they shared a touching moment. Doo Hee’s emotions took over, and she began to cry. Suddenly, Jeong vanished into thin air, and My Demon Episode 14 came to an end.

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