My Demon Episode 3 Recap: On December 1st, Netflix streamed the third episode of “My Demon,” which releases two episodes weekly. In the previous episode, we saw Doo Doo Hee being attacked with acid, but Jeong arrived in time to save her, burning his coat in the process.

The third episode picks up from this point, as Jeong and Doo Doo Hee embrace, and Jeong admits to being a demon. Doo Doo Hee, still in shock, later reports the incident to the police, who confirm that sulfuric acid was used in the attack.

While dropping Doo Doo Hee off at home, she questions Jeong about his confession, unable to believe that he is truly a demon. The episode ends with the title, “Joining Hands With Demon,” hinting at the next chapter of the story.

Doo Hee expressed her desire to stay with Jeong and asked him to be her bodyguard, revealing that she is in danger. Jeong accompanied her to her residence and saved her twice from a biker who had attacked her in a taxi earlier in the series.

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Jeong initially tried to discard the demon manual but reconsidered and sought more information about Doo Doo Hee from his staff. Doo Doo Hee later texted Jeong about a tattoo on her hand that she wished to remove.

After seeing news about Mirae Group on TV, Doo Doo Hee became tense and called Chairwoman to ensure her safety. During the conversation, Chairwoman requested financial statements from Mr. Yoon and expressed regret about being blind to certain circumstances.

Jeong contacted Doo Doo Hee and requested a meeting. They went to the clock tower, the highest building in town, but Doo Hee became frightened due to her fear of heights.

Finally, Jeong and Doo Doo Hee visited a hospital where they encountered a mother and her sick child. Jeong assisted the mother, but his fingers began to burn – a sign of punishment for not performing his duties as a demon.

In a sudden turn of events, someone was secretly seeing Chairwoman, posing a potential threat. As a result, Jeong was hired to become Doo Doo Hee’s bodyguard, but was fired by her the very next day. Doo Doo Hee couldn’t stop thinking about Jeong, which distracted her from work.

Meanwhile, Jeong visited a boy in the hospital and asked him what he wanted. The child wished for his parents to not suffer because of him, which moved Jeong deeply. Doo Doo Hee saw the same family at a restaurant and was impressed that Jeong spared the life of the boy, Yeon.

Later, when Jeong was waiting for Doo Hee outside, he revealed that he was 200 years old and that he was once human before turning into a demon. Distressed, Doo Doo Hee begged Jeong to spare Madam Ju’s life, but he refused.

The loss of Chairwoman and the strange occurrences at Mirae Group left Doo Doo Hee in a state of shock, as she was treated like Chairwoman’s own daughter.

In a poignant scene from Doo Doo Hee’s childhood, she meets Chairwoman for the first time. Later, at the funeral, Jeong is there to provide comfort to Doo Hee. However, the mysterious cab driver appears at the funeral in a security uniform, his true intentions unknown.
Doo Doo Hee’s brother adds to her distress by claiming that everything now belongs to their father. Meanwhile, Jeong remains a steadfast support for Doo Doo Hee during her lowest moments.

Despite her gratitude towards Madam Ju, Doo Doo Hee begins to question the circumstances surrounding her death. She vows to uncover the truth and is left to cry alone with no one there to comfort her.

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During the funeral, Doo Doo Hee made a shocking statement in front of everyone. She revealed that Madam Ju’s death was not due to a heart attack, but that someone had murdered her. Despite this revelation, Madam Ju’s family only seemed interested in her will. Strangely, the will was entirely in Doo Doo Hee’s name, making her the sole heir. This news left everyone stunned.

In the aftermath of these revelations, Doo Doo Hee is set to become the next chairwoman of Mirae Group. She approaches Jeong and proposes marriage. And with that, My Demon Episode 3 comes to end.


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