“My Demon” Episode 5 Recap: Netflix’s latest Korean TV drama, “My Demon,” has already streamed five episodes, with two new episodes released every week. The show has garnered a tremendous response from Korean fans, as the popularity of Korean dramas continues to rise.

If you’re looking for a recap of the fifth episode, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our website for a detailed analysis of the first four episodes.

The previous episode ended on a high note, with Doo Doo Hee and Jeong dancing while fighting off a group of goons. The scene was both entertaining and amusing, leaving viewers with a sense of happiness.

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The episode began with a flashback of the fourth episode, where Doo Doo Hee saved Jeong Gu Won from some goons. This action-packed scene highlighted the undeniable chemistry between the two. The title of the episode, “Only You,” then appeared on the screen.

Jeong, a theatre artist, was rehearsing for a play while contemplating his feelings for Doo Doo Hee – a demon with whom he had fallen in love. Jin met Doo Doo Hee outside Jeong’s apartment, but soon after, Doo Doo Hee ran into Jeong himself. Unfortunately, it seemed like Jin was following Jeong and stalking him.

Another mysterious character sent a message to someone, instructing them to check locker 17. Meanwhile, Madam Ju’s son was in a heated business meeting where he confessed to accepting money from a subcontractor. Later, Madam Ju’s younger son ended up killing a man named Mr. Cha in the washroom of the club they were in.

The mysterious character resurfaced, communicating with others through a game. It was clear that he was suffering from an illness, and he was taking a risk by being involved in these activities.

The following events took place:

  • Jeong Gu Won arrived at Doo Doo Hee’s residence to pick her up.
  • A stranger entered the office, and Doo Hee’s manager attacked him, mistaking him for a threat. However, the stranger was there to meet Jeong and had come as a delivery.
  • After voting, Madam Ju’s son, Noh Sik Mun, took over as the new chairman and expressed his desire to run the company.
  • Doo Doo Hee visited the police station with a sketch but it yielded no results when they ran it on their database.
  • While at a restaurant, Doo Doo Hee encountered a man who hit on her. Jeong playfully teased the man with his abilities. Doo Doo Hee went there to make Jeong jealous so that they could marry soon.

Jeong and Doo Doo Hee get into a heated argument while on their way back. The black suit gang once again comes to search for Jeong, but this time he confronts them alone in search of the culprit depicted in the sketch. The gang members try to attack him, but Jeong fights back with all his might in frustration. He almost kills the culprit but stops himself because of Doo Hee. After having a fight, Jeong leaves, and both of them begin to miss each other. Doo Hee’s manager comes to pick her up.

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In the parking lot of Doo Doo Hee’s place, the enigmatic individual lurked in the shadows, closely observing her every move. As Doo Doo Hee was inside, she caught wind of a melodic tune drifting in from outside her door. Intrigued, she opened the door only to discover that the music system had spontaneously started playing. Without warning, she was struck from behind and dangled perilously from the balcony, her screams filling the air. The mysterious figure proceeded to throw her off the balcony, but in a timely twist of fate, Jeong appeared just in the nick of time, rescuing her from the imminent danger.

As My Demon Episode 5 comes to an end, what are your impressions of the show? Did it leave you wanting more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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