My Demon Episode 7 Recap : “My Demon” is a thrilling Netflix original that combines elements of fantasy, drama and comedy. Fans of Korean dramas will be happy to know that the show is available with English subtitles. The series follows a weekly format, with each episode picking up right where the last left off.

In episode 7, we find Jeong and Doo Hee sharing a kiss inside a photo booth, but Jeong is struggling to understand what’s going on with his powers. Meanwhile, Gyeong’s mother suggests he see a psychiatrist, but he’s hesitant to trust them. Jeong moves in with Doo Hee, but regrets the marriage and feels agitated during their conversations.

In the Korean drama, “Doo Hee”, strange occurrences are happening. Doo Hee, the main character, feels as though Madam Ju is still nearby and misses her deeply. Meanwhile, a man who proposed to Doo Hee, along with Jeong, shows her some old photographs from 1977 as proof that Jeong isn’t a human being. Jeong, however, refuses to discuss the topic.

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In a different storyline, Jin Ga Young, who works in Jeong’s theatre, opens up about her past and how Jeong rescued her. She now lives with Jeong out of love. Jeong, on the other hand, conducts some research on his powers and discovers that they work with emotions too. He realizes that something isn’t quite right.

Returning to Doo Hee’s apartment late at night, Jeong finds her still awake, prompting her to express her frustration at his tardy arrival.

The following day, online news spreads like wildfire, implicating Mirae Group’s princess in a murder. Doo Hee confronts her stepbrother, Noh Sik Min, who cryptically remarks that the truth always surfaces eventually. However, Doo Hee senses an intentional manipulation behind his words. Accompanied by Jeong, she confronts her brother, only to face the shocking danger of him firing a gun at her.

Doo Hee visits the news channel where the reports of his alleged murder of Madam Ju are circulating. The news anchor accuses him of the crime and Jeong punishes him by leaving him in the Bank of Korea’s vault for the police to apprehend him. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure eavesdrops on their conversation and reads from a book.

Jeong takes Doo Hee to his theater where he shows her a girl’s rehearsal. He remembers having a dream about her. The Black Suit Gang approaches him and asks him to be their boss, leading to a humorous exchange.

Someone has been listening to recordings and footage of Jeong and Doo Hee, but their face is not shown. The mysterious figure sends all the information to someone else, indicating the existence of yet another enigmatic person.

The police arrive at Doo Hee’s apartment and accuse her of Madam Ju’s murder, leading to her arrest. In a frantic response, Jeong hurries to the scene, but just as he departs from the theatre, the mysterious assailant confronts him, thrusting a knife into his chest. Jeong collapses onto the floor, blood pouring from his chest and mouth. Amidst the chaos, Doo Hee anxiously awaits his arrival.

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