My Demon Episode 8 Recap : The Netflix Original “My Demon” has released new episodes that are now available to watch. With eight episodes in total, viewers can catch up on previous recaps to get up to speed on the show. In the seventh episode, the protagonist faces a close call when a mysterious assailant attempts to take his life. Fortunately, his manager, Mr. Park, intervenes and saves him. Meanwhile, Doo Hee is desperate to meet with the protagonist and is left in critical condition after being stabbed.

Doo Hee arrives at the hospital, where she finds Jeong on the bed and holds his hand. Jeong’s powers start working again because of a tattoo, and he quickly heals, since he’s a demon and can’t die.

Young grows jealous of Doo Hee’s affection for Jeong. Doo Hee returns to the officials and informs them that Jeong is still in critical condition. Jeong dreams that he’s burning in hell, but he is gradually recovering in the hospital.

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On the day of the hearing, Doo Hee is released by officials after it’s proven that she didn’t murder Madam Ju. The black suit gang visits Jeong and wishes him a speedy recovery. Doo Hee goes to the hospital to see Jeong.

Seak Hoon ponders the tattoo on Doo Hee’s hand, all the while providing her with unwavering support. An unknown person sends a message to Nik Soh’s son, warning him that Jeong has seen his face and might be coming for him. Meanwhile, Jeong makes a full recovery and heads home.

The following day, the news channel apologizes to everyone, admitting their mistake. Jeong and Doo Hee head to work together, where they are congratulated on Jeong’s recovery. Despite this, Jeong is haunted by his visions of hellfire and shares his fears with Mr. Park.

As Young arrives at the office to meet Jeong, she blames Doo Hee for causing the recent events to unfold. Young then confesses her love for Jeong.

Later, Doo Hee and Jeong head home together, and Doo Hee reflects on how Jeong almost lost his life because of her. She thinks to herself and misses Madam Ju. Overcome with worry, Doo Hee calls Seak Hoon and sets up a meeting.

Doo Hee and Jeong return to the office the next day, only to be greeted by Noh Sik’s son, who warns Jeong to stay away from Doo Hee. During a family meeting to discuss the chairperson’s position, Doo Hee ultimately relinquishes her claim to the chairperson position.

Noh Sik and his son’s secret plans begin to unravel when the mysterious man receives a message about a problem with “powers,” indicating that he knows Jeong’s true identity as a demon.

Doo Hee confides in Seak Hoon, urging him to save Jeong, and subsequently withdraws Jeong’s candidacy, leaving Noh Sik to become the sole chairman. Seak Hoon confronts Jeong, blaming him for causing Doo Hee to abandon her leadership aspirations.

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Feeling upset and confused, Jeong seeks solace in Doo Hee, and they share a kiss as My Demon Episode 8 comes to a close.

In the last scene, Jeong assigns the Black Suit Gang to track down a mysterious individual. The detective is given a picture of the person in question, and discovers that his real name is “Gi Kwang-Chul”. The team sets out to track him down.


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