“My Demon” Episode 9 Recap: “My Demon” is a thrilling Netflix Korean drama series that is currently airing its ninth episode. In the last episode, Doo Hee withdrew his candidacy, leaving the audience in suspense. The new episode, entitled “The Unmasked Truth,” reveals the identity of the mystery man.

The episode begins with a recap of the previous episode, where Doo Hee and Jeong seem to be happy together. The two characters celebrate Christmas at a cafe, but things take an unexpected turn when Doo Hee sees the man she planned to marry to make Jeong jealous. In response, Jeong promises to teach the guy a lesson. Stay tuned to see what happens next in “My Demon.”

Jeong and Doo Hee were enjoying a lovely couple’s bike ride on their date, hoping for some quality alone time. However, their privacy was unexpectedly disturbed by a mysterious person taking their picture without permission.

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Doo Hee is still recovering from the traumatic event she experienced. Every time she hears that song, she remembers the night when a mysterious man tried to harm her, causing her to relive the experience. Making matters worse, her stepbrother and nephew are plotting to frame her in a serious crime, and Doo Hee is aware of their plans.

In our previous episode, we revealed that there is one more mysterious character whose face is still unknown. Only their leather jacket and gloves can be seen.

Doo Hee receives a package and heads to the office, where she is still investigating Madam Ju’s murder. Jeong is worried about her safety and advises her to stop, but she persists. Seak Hoon also shows up at the office, frustrating Jeong.

Jeong and Seak Hoon had a falling out, leading Jeong to seek out the help of a sketch artist. The artist drew the sketch of a mystery man, and Jeong teamed up with the Black Suit gang to find him. Their first assignment: locate the man from the sketch.

Meanwhile, Jin Ga Young tried to convince Jeong to embrace his demonic nature rather than trying to be like humans. Jeong dismissed her advice and attempted to control Doo Hee and her manager at a bar. Eventually, Jeong called on Mr. Park for assistance. Despite his actions, Doo Hee remained content with Jeong.

The two characters arrived home safely, while the Black Suit gang scoured the area for the elusive “mystery man.” Meanwhile, the mystery man met with a sketch artist in his hideout, where the police finally discovered a lead.

Later, the mystery man visited a deserted theater where he was attacked by a man from behind. The attacker was none other than Doo Hee’s stepbrother, who was also a mystery man. In a fiery confrontation, Nok Suk Min emerged victorious, but Doo Hee’s brother threw petrol and a lighter into the room where the mystery man was hiding. The true identity of the mystery man was finally revealed, but at a great cost.

In My Demon Episode 9, we finally discover the identity of the mystery man. Afterwards, Noh Suk Min and his mother, Madam Ju, have a heated argument, providing evidence that Noh Suk Min is responsible for his mother’s death. The following day, the police contact Jeong regarding the mystery man, only to find that he has passed away. Jeong visits his home and uncovers a hidden microphone, suggesting that the mystery man had been eavesdropping on their conversations.

Seak Hoon also visits the police station, prompting Jeong to request that Doo Hee escorts him home. Despite thinking that the ordeal is over, Doo Hee realizes that the real challenge has just begun. Meanwhile, Jeong searches the house for any other microphones and discovers that all the clocks have stopped working.

Later, Jeong revisits the hospital where he recently saved a child’s life. Strangely, he feels more human than ever before. Additionally, the beggar lady that has appeared in previous episodes seems to have a connection with Jeong, as they are transported through different times and locations, leading Jeong to remember something from his past.

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In My Demon Episode 9, the lady claims that she is the source of all of Jeong’s powers. When he loses his powers and asks her to restore them, she ominously replies, “Your time has come.” Meanwhile, Seak Hoon meets with Young in a restaurant to uncover Jeong’s true identity. Later, the beggar lady reveals that Doo Hee’s death is the only way for him to regain his powers.


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