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My Demon Kdrama Episode 1: Recap, Summary and Explanation

My Demon Kdrama Episode 1

My Demon Kdrama Episode 1 Recap: “My Demon” is a newly released South Korean Netflix original series, and we are here to provide a recap of its first episode. The episode begins with the introduction of the female protagonist, who is struggling to distinguish between friend and foe, a delicate truth for her. The episode is titled “Living in the Mist” and takes us 200 years into the past to reveal the events that occurred then. An evil spirit sat on the throne and placed a rose in the holy water.

According to Catholic teachings, humans face three different types of adversaries: their own bodies, other humans, and evil spirits. In this episode, we learn that the demon who created the rose also created another devil, known as the evil from the underworld. This devil encounters a hungry fisherman and helps him catch fish. However, the devil then threatens to send the fisherman to hell if he refuses to comply. Despite the danger, the fisherman continues to work with the devil and catches more fish.

Returning to the present timeline, we witness the 2023 Korea Awards and the CEO of the Year award recipient in the F&B industry, Do-Do Hee. Throughout the event, Hee is constantly approached by men trying to flirt with her.

After that, here are two brief summaries of two different stories:

  • Do-Do Hee’s mother invites her on a date, but Do-Do Hee declines because she values her independence and is not interested in any romantic relationships at the moment. Do-Do Hee has no immediate family of her own; her parents passed away in an accident over a decade ago, and she was subsequently adopted by the Chairwoman of Mirae Group.
  • In another story, a devil from two centuries ago finds himself in the year 2023. He discovers a corrupt businessman who is blackmailing someone and seizes the opportunity to obtain the contract that the businessman was so concerned about.

A series of unexpected events unfold in this story. Doo-Doo agrees to go on a date and meets a charming man who turns out to be a villain from 200 years ago. The man books an entire restaurant for them, but things go awry when Doo-Doo mistakes someone else for her date. Instead, she ends up meeting Jeong-Gu-Won, who runs an organization supporting traditional artists, singers, and dancers. While Doo-Doo excuses herself to clean her dress in the restroom, goons enter the restaurant to fight with Evil Jeong, but he manages to hold his own.

Meanwhile, we learn about the family of the Chairwoman of Mirae Group, who lives with her son, daughter, daughter’s twins, son’s wife, nephew, and other relatives. Everyone gathers at home to celebrate the Chairwoman’s birthday, except for Doo-Doo who is busy with work. After her meeting, she visits her mother and joins the family for a group photo. Despite not being related to anyone in the family, the Chairwoman shows her a great deal of affection.

Madam Ju decides to play a prank on Doo Doo Hee, pretending to be on her deathbed and texting her to meet in heaven. Doo Doo Hee falls for it and rushes to meet her, only to discover that she had gone to the wrong location due to the matchmaker’s mistake. Meanwhile, Evil continues to hunt for someone in town and kills another man who contacted Doo Doo Hee. Jeong, on the other hand, reminisces about her childhood with her parents and how much she misses them while waiting for her next encounter with Doo Doo Hee at the beach.

The night takes a dark turn when Doo Doo Hee orders a cab home, but instead of her ride, a bloodied stranger arrives with the intention of attacking her. In a moment of bravery, she fights back, but the tables turn when Evil orders the cab driver to harm her. Luckily, Jeong appears, coming to Doo Doo Hee’s rescue. After fighting off the assailant, the group finds themselves in a car crash that sends them plummeting into the water below.

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In the first episode, both characters fall into the sea and appear to be drowning. However, they somehow manage to survive and the episode concludes at this point. That’s the summary and explanation of what happened. Share your thoughts on the show and My Demon Kdrama Episode 1 in the comments.



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