My Demon Kdrama Episode 2 Recap: “My Demon” is streaming on Netflix, with two episodes in Korean language and English subtitles. After recapping Episode 1, “Living With The Mist,” it’s time to delve into Episode 2. In the previous episode, we left off with Doo Doo Hee and Jeong embracing each other in a beautiful moment. However, in the second episode, Doo Doo Hee awakens in the hospital to discover that she was dreaming and had lost consciousness. Her manager and Jeong were by her side during her hospitalization. To Jeong’s surprise, he discovers that Doo Doo Hee has the same tattoo on her hand, which represents evil.

Doo Doo Hee is puzzled when she discovers a strange tattoo on her body, and tries to remove it. However, Jeong intervenes and stops her. Suddenly, the tattoo begins to flash red, and Doo Doo Hee strikes Jeong. Sergeant Park Kyung-soo, the officer in charge of the case, arrives to assist Jeong.

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Later, Jeong returns home to find his team reading his demon book, which he refers to as a “demon manual.” He instructs them to investigate Doo Doo Hee’s family history and personal information to keep tabs on her.

Jeong finds himself caught in a heated altercation with a group of sports players, prompting a hasty retreat from the scene, eventually culminating in a daring escape through a window. Meanwhile, Doo Doo Hee’s manager takes on the task of scouting a new romantic prospect for her, suggesting a variety of intriguing dining options.

The subsequent scene unfolds with the reappearance of the same individual who had previously assaulted Doo Doo Hee, the imposter posing as a cab driver. Inside her residence, a disconcerting sight awaits—numerous pictures of Doo Doo Hee adorning the walls, and the intruder’s hand stained with blood. It becomes evident that he harbors a disturbing obsession with Doo Doo Hee, and in a surprising twist, we discover that he is, in fact, a makeup artist.

Doo Doo Hee arrives at home and begins to assist Chairwoman with her duties. Soon after, her nephew arrives and they all head to the office together. Meanwhile, Jeong becomes more informed about Mirae F&B and learns about her family history. This includes discovering that Doo Foo Hee’s father played a vital role in the founding of Mirae Group. Jeong also learns that Doo Doo Hee was a top student since the beginning of her academic journey and is dedicated to her work.

Suddenly, Doo Doo Hee has to leave an important meeting because she receives news from her manager that Mirae Group’s share prices have dropped. She also meets with Chairwoman’s daughter and advises her to steer clear of things that may cause problems.

As Jeong attempts to coordinate a meeting with Doo Doo Hee, he is unable to make it happen. Instead, he goes to the fisherman he met in the first episode and asks him about the last ten years. The fisherman begins to curse and blames Jeong for everything that has happened.

Doo Doo Hee and Jeong planned to meet at a mall, and as they come face to face, she feels a flutter in her stomach. They decide to take a long drive, but things take a dark turn as Jeong accidentally kills an athlete and tosses a burning contract on the roadside. Doo Doo Hee is left in shock, but Jeong shows no remorse. They later visit a serene lakeside, but their peaceful outing turns into a tragedy as they both get submerged in seawater. Though Doo Doo Hee manages to escape, she decides to leave Jeong behind and venture out on her own.

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Episode 2 leaves us on the edge of our seats, with Jeong – the theatre artist – practicing with swords, while Doo Doo Hee is under attack from acid. However, Jeong arrives in the nick of time and saves her once again. Overwhelmed by emotions, she breaks down in tears after seeing the name of Mirae Group in the news. The My Demon Kdrama Episode 2 concludes, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next installment.


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