My Happy Ending Episode 2 Recap: The Korean series “My Happy Ending” has recently been streaming and Episode 2 is now available with English subtitles due to certain limitations. Unfortunately, the show is not currently available in India. In Episode 2, we see a girl named Jae Won having a dream about drowning in water.

Later, we learn that she has been admitted to the hospital due to a serious accident. Her partner takes care of her, and they both reminisce about happier times they shared together. However, it seems like something is amiss between them.

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The director storms into the office, clearly agitated. Meanwhile, Jae Won looks at photographs as she recounts her traumatic experience of being thrown into the lake by an unknown person. She struggles with nightmares about that night and finds it tough to concentrate on her office work. Her colleague notices her odd behavior and inquires if everything is okay. Jae Won is plagued by flashbacks of her father calling her and dropping off lunch at her office, which she throws away without consuming.

Jae Won is also being secretly photographed by an unknown individual and becomes increasingly paranoid. She has an argument with her partner about his brother, but she stops mid-sentence. Her mind is plagued by intense stress, making it difficult for her to focus on her work. There is something that Jae Won is hiding.

During a team briefing about a presentation, Lee, and Jae Won seem to be hiding something from each other but cannot find the courage to confess.

Lee takes Jae to his place, and they both engage in carpentry work. Jae loves the work and is happy to help. However, Jae is hiding something from her husband, Heo. She is not picking up her father’s calls either.

My Happy Ending Episode 2

Jae’s mind is preoccupied when she spots her father in the middle of the road. She takes him with her in the car, deep in thought. While driving, she receives a call from her daughter’s kindergarten, alerting her that Heo has not arrived to pick her up. Jae rushes over to find that Heo is acting strange and her daughter is missing.

Jae is beside herself with worry and tries to call Heo but is unable to reach him. Upon returning home, she discovers that Ah Rin is safe, but she and Heo have a heated argument. Feeling unhappy, Jae leaves the house and attends a reunion with her friends. However, she behaves strangely and gets into an argument with her friend Yoon Jin. That night, Jae drinks too much and gets drunk.

The next day, Jae wakes up and sees important documents in her husband’s room. She goes to Yoon Jin’s place and sees Heo and Ah Jin near her building, which only adds to her depression. Jae is unable to control her car and almost hits someone but manages to break her car in time. My Happy Ending Episode 2 come to ends.


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