Night Has Come Episode 1 Recap: Studio X+U’s latest series, “Montage,” begins with a chilling title montage that sets the tone for the show. Following the title sequence, the first episode commences, and it’s an intense ride. Check out this recap and explanation of the series.

The episode opens with a girl sound asleep in bed, only to be awoken by a notification on her phone that reads “Night Has Come.” She panics upon seeing a girl lying in her bed and takes off running. Near the water, she encounters another figure, causing her to run frantically in all directions. Eventually, she realizes that she was listening to a podcast all along and was actually sitting calmly on her school bus.

On the bus, she couldn’t help but stare at a guy who caught her eye. Meanwhile, another passenger worked on game development coding, and the graphics were breathtaking. As they approached their destination, students started to disembark. Lee Yoon Seo revealed her crush on Daa Hee, but upon arrival at the youth center, their mobile phones had no network connectivity. Lee was left sitting alone, gazing at the guy she liked, who was dancing with someone else. To make matters worse, even the wifi wasn’t functioning properly.

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The lights suddenly went out, causing everyone to become frightened. However, it turned out to be a group of students playing a game. One individual, who had been warning people not to look in the mirror at midnight, had managed to scare the others.

Lee Seo’s friend is unable to attend her coding lecture due to a lack of network access. However, an unexpected occurrence takes place when Lee Seo’s phone automatically begins to function. The display menu is frightening as it appears to be a mafia game that starts at night when everyone is asleep.

As the game begins, notifications are sent to all participants. The first order of business is for each player to cast their vote. But what happens when the internet is down? They head over to the lab to make a call, only to find that the landline phone is also out of service. Can they still play the game?

During Yoon Seo’s birthday celebration, the lights dimmed on their own, and senior students began to bully the juniors during a basketball game. As the chaos unfolded, Yoon Seo retreated to a room where she was greeted with a surprise rendition of the birthday song. However, her enjoyment was cut short when the other students attempted to push her into the pool. Despite her fear, she was unfortunately pushed in and ended up fainting. Fortunately, Seung Won, the class president, came to her rescue and saved her from danger.

In the latest episode, the girl who accidentally pushed her friend into the pool was surprised when the culprit entered her room to offer a heartfelt apology. As the game progressed and neared its conclusion, an unexpected twist occurred. The notorious prankster among the students began displaying alarming behavior, as if something sinister had taken hold of him.

Following the voting phase, things took a chilling turn. The troubled student started smashing his own head on the floor, giving off an eerie impression of being possessed. To everyone’s horror, he abruptly leaped out of the window, sending shockwaves through the entire group. Panic ensued, leading to a collective state of fear and fainting among the onlookers.

Night Has Come Episode 1 Recap concluded, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, with the storyline somehow connected to the mysterious mobile game that had captivated their attention.


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