Night Has Come Episode 10 Recap: If you’re a fan of Korean series, you won’t want to miss Night Has Come – a thrilling survival-horror show that we’ve been recapping up to episode 9. Be sure to check it out! In the latest episode, the main character Kim is revealed to be a part of the mafia on her friend’s phone.

The episode starts off with a recap of the previous one, where Kim is deep in thought about her current predicament. Despite her claims of innocence, nobody seems to believe her. Furthermore, an argument ensues between Kim and Yoon Seo.

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Jun Hee couldn’t believe what he was hearing, so he quickly grabbed his phone and cast his vote in favor of her. Meanwhile, Kim expressed her disappointment with the group, calling them all foolish. Though she was about to reveal everything, Kim was silenced as citizens are prohibited from disclosing information about the mafia. Unfortunately, Kim So Mi was executed as she had received the highest number of votes.

Ahn Na Hee is a police officer in this game and possesses the ability to identify anyone’s true identity. Upon closer inspection, Jin discovers that Kim is no longer present. In the main hall, there’s a statue of someone who could be the ghost. Although everyone is aware of Ahn Na Hee’s role as a police officer, she was tragically killed by the mafia last night.

The game isn’t finished yet. In a brief flashback, Park Eu takes his own life. Jun Hee is determined to uncover the identity of the mafia. Jun Hee helped Ahn find refuge in a secure location, but the mafia eventually discovered their whereabouts and murdered her.

Yoon Seo and Jun Hee used blue light to examine the shoes of everyone involved in the case, hoping to uncover any blood stains. Unfortunately, this search yielded no new information. Now, all eyes are on Mi Na, and she is suspected to be the mafia. However, there is still no concrete evidence to support this theory.

Jung Won assisted Mi Na because she was all alone after losing both her friends. One was executed by the mafia, while the other perished due to receiving the maximum number of votes.

Jun Hee has sent word that the camera setup has been located, which will help unearth more information about the mafia. Jin Da Bum is aware that this development will become common knowledge. The cafeteria is where everyone gathers to discuss the situation. Jin is the first to discover the camera before the others.

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Nam Yeon seemed to be concealing something, as evidenced by the bloodstains on his chest area. Yoon Seo and Jun Hee apprehended Jin while he was absconding with the camera. The cut on Nam Yeon’s body has now raised questions about his involvement, and Jun Hee already suspected Jin Da Bum of wrongdoing.

Jin was smiling when everyone doubted Nam Yeon, and Jun Hee sees him, and Night Has Come Episode 10 Recap ended.


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