Night Has Come Episode 11 Recap: As the sun sets on the much-anticipated horror survival thriller Night, fans are feeling bittersweet. The show has garnered immense love and attention for its gripping genre. If you have some free time this weekend, we highly recommend watching it. Be sure to check out our recaps for a detailed breakdown of each episode.

In the latest episode, suspicions arise regarding Nam Yeon’s involvement with the mafia. However, Jun Hee has doubts about Jin Da Bum’s intentions. During the voting process, Nam Yeon accused Jin of being the mafia, leading to further questions and uncertainty among the group.

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In the intense game of Mafia, emotions run high as alliances are formed and broken. Mi Na, in a fit of anger, hits Nam Yeon where he’s already injured. However, she still votes for him. Yoon Seo, suspicious of Jin Da Bum, questions him about his loyalties, but ultimately chooses to vote for him. Oh Jung, unable to explain his own injury, receives a vote of confidence from his friend, who stands by his side and supports him.

When Eun Chan voted for someone else, Nam Yeon was devastated as his best friend didn’t trust him. Now, the game has become a matter of life and death. The group must either catch the mafia soon or face the consequences.

According to Jun Hee, Jin Da Bum’s smirk led him to believe that he was a member of the mafia. Jun Hee then discovered an axe and other items in Jin Da Bum’s possession. Although he initially tried to strike him with a fire extinguisher, Jun Hee ultimately decided not to do so. Jin Da Bum then confessed to killing Kyung Jun and his gang due to their constant bullying. Despite Jun Hee’s request to spare Yoon Seo and others, Jin Da Bum left the scene.

The pivotal twist unfolds as Oh Jung is revealed to be complicit in the murders, collaborating with Jin and Kim as part of the mafia gang. Yoon Seo, astute as ever, pieces together the truth. Nam Yeon attempts to eliminate Mi Na, despite her being a mafia member. The voting concludes, and tragically, Yeon Woo succumbs to the highest number of votes, only to be revealed as an innocent citizen.

In a plea for an end to the game, Yoon Seo confronts Oh Jung, whose true nature was apparent from the beginning, though somewhat predictable. Mafia Jin sets her sights on Jun Hee for the next target as everyone succumbs to unconsciousness after the buzzer.

Curious about their next move, Oh Jung questions Jin, asking if she can emerge victorious without his involvement. Jin remains silent. Yoon Seo and Jun Hee are taken to a freezing area where they have 30 minutes to live. Jin instructs Jung to also eliminate Jun Hee, and Eun Chan becomes Jin’s next victim.

As Jung approaches Jun Hee for the fatal blow, she declares, “Jun Hee is now gone.” Meanwhile, on the other side, Jin ends Mi Na’s life by using a dumbbell on her face. Jung sends a message to Jin claiming that Yoon Seo is also deceased, prompting Jin to check. However, upon arrival, he discovers Yoon Seo is still alive. She leads Yoon Seo to a concealed location. Fueled by this lie, Jin retaliates by fatally attacking Jung with a screwdriver, bringing Episode 11 to a chilling close.

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