Night Has Come Episode 3 Recap: In episode 2 of the series, another student dies, resulting in everyone receiving notifications on their phones. Episode 3 begins with this shocking revelation. To catch up on what you missed, check out our link to the recap of episodes 1 and 2.
After the unexpected death of Hong Kyon, the group emerged from the forest in a state of profound grief. His death came as a shock to everyone as it was purely coincidental. Yoon Seo was particularly distraught, feeling responsible for his untimely passing.

The phones began ringing on their own, yet there was no response from the other end. Jun Hee soon realized that all of the calls were premeditated and fake, leaving them to find another way out.

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The files in the center were empty and therefore fake. Unfortunately, a group of seniors resorted to bullying one of their juniors and demanded information about a game. The junior revealed that the game wouldn’t end until everyone was dead, leaving a troubling atmosphere.

Two groups of students were playing a game where they had to identify the roles of each participant. One group decided to take down the mafia first by executing them. Meanwhile, the other group identified themselves as citizens and aimed to locate the police officer within the game.

Suspicion arose when it became clear that the game was the root cause of all the chaos. As the class pondered who could be responsible for Ching Ju Won’s death, Choi Ni Ma revealed that her friend had made Yul the mafia, which ultimately led to Yul’s demise.

A group of seniors resorted to blackmail to force a junior student to vote, but their efforts were thwarted when his fellow classmates came to his aid. An altercation ensued, with the junior student standing up to the seniors and managing to defeat them all by himself. Despite the seniors’ desperate attempt to use scissors to attack him, the junior was saved by his classmates.

In an unexpected turn, the organizers decided to confiscate everyone’s phones to prevent any voting. However, at midnight, there was no announcement, lulling the participants into a false sense of security. Suddenly, the buzzers ring out once more, signaling that the game is still on. The players must now vote for the Mafia to continue. Unfortunately, Park Ji Hoon broke the rules and was killed as a result. To avoid a similar fate, the remaining participants quickly retrieve their phones and prepare to vote.

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One girl put an electrical wire in her mouth, and she died. The latest episode concludes with the senior student assuming control of the mafia. What new developments will the upcoming episodes bring? Stay tuned to find out!


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