Night Has Come Episode 4 Recap: “Night Has Come” is a Korean horror-thriller TV series that is currently streaming 4 episodes, with more to follow. Fighting and Chaos as Students Struggle to Decide Who to Vote for in the Mafia Game, Leading into Episode 4.

Efforts were made by certain students to rescue all individuals. Kang Ye Won killed herself with a metal rod. For breaking the rules of the game, Lee Hyun Jun and Park Jung Eun were also executed. The game was getting more bloody and dangerous with each level. Kim Yeon Ju also got executed for breaking the rules.

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The students had started to vote for Baek Eun Ha, but Laa Hee had a different idea. She suggested that everyone should vote for each other to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, it was too late as several students had already died, including Jang Hyun Ho, who was mistakenly executed. Although Baek was eventually proven innocent, she was still voted for by the others, resulting in her breaking down in tears..

In the midst of a chaotic scene, everyone in the hall fainted. Laa Hee, having just experienced a nightmare, was seemingly the only one unaffected. After regaining consciousness, they discovered that Ju Young had been executed by the Mafia, leaving everyone at a loss. Despite not knowing the identity of the Mafia, Jun Hee was blamed for the incident and left alone without the support of his peers.

n the midst of the chaos, everyone was gathering the dead bodies and relocating them to a designated area. Upon leaving the room, Yoon Seo stumbled upon something suspicious – a basement-type shutter. Suddenly, something popped out, sending a chill down her spine. The gravity of the situation weighed heavily on everyone present.

Tensions began to rise as suspicion grew among the students. During a vote, Ko Kyung – a senior student – accused Park Woo Ram of holding grudges, and the two got into a physical altercation. Ultimately, every student ended up voting for Park due to Kyung’s remarks.

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In the Night Has Come Episode 4 Recap, Kyung resorted to blackmail to secure votes for Park Woo Ram. Despite Park’s plea for help, Kyung ended up winning the vote. Meanwhile, Yoon Seo found herself trapped in a dark room, where she could see the CCTV cameras. The episode concludes with a heart-stopping cliffhanger, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next episode.


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