Night Has Come Episode 5 Recap: In the previous episode, Yoon Seo finds herself in a CCTV camera room and the episode ends with a cliffhanger about the next victim. Here’s a summary of what happened next in the show:

  • Yoon Seo’s friends check in on her to make sure she’s okay. One of them goes to the basement.
  • Yoon Seo moves to a new location where only blue lights are visible. She informs her friends that she’s on the second floor, but due to poor network coverage, the message fails to send.
  • Meanwhile, a senior is still working to prove that Park Woo Ram is the Mafia.

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Yoon Seo stumbled upon a new phone line, but it too was disconnected. While searching the area where her class photo was taken, she discovered an album filled with group photos of students. One particular picture caught her off guard, and she decided to take it with her.

As the search for the mafia continued, Jyeoung Jun was found beating Woo Ram. Despite everyone’s efforts, Woo Ram remained missing. No one knows that Park Woo Ram is getting tortured by Jun. Yoon Seo has emerged from the basement.

Woo Ram was getting beaten by Jun very badly. During the broadcast, Woo Ram revealed that he was the Mafia. Although Jun had pressured him into the announcement, the students rushed to the broadcasting room to help him out. Unfortunately, when they arrived, Woo Ram was badly bleeding.

Voting messages were sent out to everyone, and the majority of students cast their vote for Woo Ram. He was about to die. Woo Ram executed; he killed himself with an axe. Yoon Seo struggled to breathe after witnessing what had occurred. In response, each student isolated themselves in separate rooms.

An unsettling situation is unfolding in the school, with the Mafia still operating in the shadows. Meanwhile, students are busy accusing each other without any concrete evidence. Some are blaming Yoon Seo, while others are pointing fingers at the Class President for the tragic deaths of Gyeong Jun and Woo Ram. If this blame game persists, it’s likely that more students will lose their lives, leaving no one alive to tell the tale.

In order to leave, the Mafia must be apprehended. However, with each passing moment, it becomes increasingly difficult for the players to stay alive. Could the picture that Yoon Seo snapped in the basement hold the key to the mystery? It seems that the student in the photograph is involved in the chaos.

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