Night Has Come Episode 6 Recap: In the fifth episode of this thrilling show, all the students are locked up in separate rooms, with no idea of what’s to come. Here’s a recap of what happened so far and a sneak peek into the events of the sixth episode.

The following morning, the group awakens to the news that Woo Ram has died due to the maximum number of votes, while the mafia remains at large. The previous night, the mafia executed Park Ji Soo, who turned out to be a civilian. The group is unsettled by the suspicion that Ji Soo’s boyfriend may have been responsible for her death, leading them to believe he is a member of the mafia.

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Yoon Seo informed everyone about the CCTV room in the basement, and they all followed her to check it out. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they discovered that the files had been deleted from the system. Upon realizing this, Jun began to accuse Yoon Seo of deleting the files, claiming that she had done so because she knew about the location beforehand.

In the midst of a political campaign, Yoon Seo is gaining popularity as everyone begins to vote for her. She pleads, “Give me some time to prove that I am a civilian.” Meanwhile, Si Moo accuses Naa Mi of the situation. Yoon Seo’s friend, Jeong Won, is diligently working to recover the lost files.

After snapping a photo in the basement room, Yoon Seo eagerly shows her friend. Determined to uncover more, she begins scouring the room for additional evidence. With so many things to recall, Yoon Seo struggles to remember everything she saw. However, after making her way to the third floor, she is finally able to restore the photos and make a breakthrough in the case.

Unfortunately, during their investigation, the CCTV footage began to flicker before the system short-circuited entirely. Despite this, one of the TV monitors was still functional, and it revealed a ghostly apparition. The photo captured from the basement only depicts a single student, possibly confirming the presence of a ghostly entity.

The ghost and the mafia game are becoming more intertwined, with everyone trying to connect the two. When the class president endorses Kim, the students follow suit and vote for him. Yoon Seo’s plan comes to fruition when both Kim and Yoon Seo receive the same number of votes, resulting in a second round of voting for a duration of five minutes. If the votes remain tied, the outcome could be fatal for everyone.

As the blue and red lights start blinking again, suspicion grows around Yoon Seo. The female class president urges everyone to vote for her, warning that Yoon Seo poses a threat. Then, Kim declares himself as the mafia and is ultimately voted out. In the end, it becomes evident that the mafia was actually the female class president, who happened to be Kim’s girlfriend.

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Although the mafia has been exposed, not everyone is aware of it. The killer is known to carry an axe at all times when committing murder.


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