Night Has Come Episode 7 Recap: Introducing “Night Has Come,” an ongoing survival thriller horror drama series recently launched on Viki for free streaming in Korean language. Episode 6 ends at a crucial point where we see that the mafia is revealed.

The beginning of the 7th episode features the female class president standing up with other students, revealing how one student had died on Day One. However, the real twist comes later in the episode when it is revealed that the female class president is not the mafia, which was a cliffhanger from the previous episode.

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Events in the Game: A Male Class President is Revived, a Doctor’s Ability Saves Kim Jun Hee and Yoon Seo’s Unspoken Love

  • The male class president had already died in the game, but he received an extra life according to the rules.
  • The game’s doctor skillfully used his ability to save Kim Jun Hee.
  • Yoon Seo embraced Kim Jun Hee tightly when he passed out, revealing her deep feelings for him, yet she did not confess her love.

Following that, we discovered that another student, a senior, had passed away in the playground area. Curious about the situation, Yoon Seo took pictures of the scene to investigate the cause of death. After conducting some research, she realized that the mafia never takes any belongings from their victims. She began to dig deeper, questioning the motive behind the mafia’s targeted killing of students.

The latest episode of “Doctor Detective” has left students with more questions than answers. While Jun Hee was saved by the doctor, the reason behind the death of senior student Seung Bin remains a mystery. Furthermore, the seventh episode has only added to the confusion with the uncertain status of Kim So Mi – is she the mafia or not?

Kyung Jun betrayed his friends by becoming a backstabber. The tragic death of his friend, Seung Bin, left his other friend alone. Kyung Jun, in an attempt to take control, convinced everyone to vote for him to be the mafia. Meanwhile, Yoon Seo is trying to connect the dots between her school photographs and a photo she discovered in the basement. To add to the suspense, she receives a message from the game, instructing her to find the host.

Kyung’s friend discovered an unexpected item in his locker – an axe. The revelation was shocking. Meanwhile, Yoon Seo noticed that any person’s face in the pictures she took with her camera became blurred after clicking. Despite her message to find the host, no one trusted Yoon Seo.

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During the altercation, Jun’s friend was approaching him with an axe when Kyung intervened and struck him from behind. While Jin-Soo’s boyfriend attempted to record the fight, the situation escalated.Kyung Jun killed that junior student too. And the episode 7 ends.


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