Night Has Come Episode 9 Recap: “Night has come” is a Korean survival thriller drama that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with every episode. The show’s unpredictable twists and turns have captivated audiences, resulting in high ratings. Prepare to be blown away by the mind-blowing plot twists in this thrilling survival series.

In the final moments of Episode 8, Jin Da was portrayed as a member of the mafia. But is it genuine or not? Tune in to the upcoming episodes to unravel the mystery.

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At the beginning of Episode 9, Kyung Jun was bullying Jin Da and his classmates. However, as the episode progresses, it becomes evident that Jin Da Bum is the mafia leader, confirmed by the notification on his phone. Kim So Mi was also part of Jin Da’s scheme, assisting him throughout the episode.

Tasked with the responsibility of eliminating Jun, Kim So Mi took charge. Jim, following through on the assignment, used a sharp object to carry out the act, leading to Kyung Jun’s execution by the mafia. The game’s calculated strategy aimed to portray the weakest and least successful student as the mafia, casting doubt on their innocence.

In the game of Mafia, Jim Da Bum voices his suspicion of Yoon Seo to his friends. With only nine students left, and one of them being the mafia, nobody suspects Jim Da Bum. However, Mi Na has her doubts and shares her thoughts with Kim So Mi.

Yoon Seo was assigned the task of finding the host of the game and, after some searching, discovered a safe that contained the key. The host was revealed to be “Park Se Eun,” but she had already passed away in the previous episode after committing suicide. Despite this, everyone received a notification that she was still leading the game. It didn’t make sense to the students that someone who had taken their own life was now trying to harm others.

Jin Da Hum discovered that Kim So Mi’s friend planned to reveal the truth. This revelation led to a heated argument between Jin and So Mi, culminating in Jin issuing a final warning – a stark reminder of the potential danger from the mafia. Mi Na raised the possibility of a ghost, possibly Park, but So Mi vehemently objected. Despite the tension, So Mi skillfully redirected the narrative during the dispute, compelling everyone to cast their votes against Choi Mi Na.

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Episode 9 comes to a close as Aan Na Hee claims her citizenship, but her credibility is questioned due to So Mi’s interference. Aan Na Hee offers proof by revealing a message that identifies her as a police officer, whereas Kim So Mi is labeled as the mafia in her phone.


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