Noh Seok Min In ‘My Demon’ Actor Name: “My Demon” is a Korean Original romantic comedy fantasy thriller drama series, currently streaming on Netflix. This highly acclaimed show has captured the hearts of Korean fans, who are particularly drawn to the fan-favorite actors featured in the series. This has resulted in a significant increase in viewership for the show, making it a hit on the platform.

Now, we’re going to tell you about the character of Noh Seok Min.

In the series “Mirae’s Choice,” Noh Seok Min, portrayed by the talented actor Kim Tae Hoon, stands out as one of the shadiest characters. He’s notorious for his heinous deeds, such as killing his mother, the Chairwoman, to gain full ownership of Mirae Group, and making several attempts on Doo Hee’s life.

Noh Seok is a prominent negative character in the show, and his actions have landed him and his son in a heap of trouble. Interestingly, he hired a makeup artist who was exceptionally talented at his job – a mysterious figure in the show. Noh Seok had complete control over him and used him for his own purposes.

He hired this mysterious guy to eliminate Doo Hee, but she managed to survive each time with the assistance of Jeong’s supernatural tattoo. However, Jeong is now experiencing a decline in his powers. The direction the show will take from here on is poised to be a major surprise for the audience.

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Noh Seok went ahead and eliminated the mysterious man as well to erase any evidence linking him to the attempt on his own family. Noh Seok had been leveraging his knowledge to manipulate both Jeong and Doo Hee. He threatened to harm Jeong unless Doo Hee relinquished the CEO position.

Faced with the impending danger, Doo Hee decided to give up the position and withdrew her candidacy. However, Noh Seok shows no signs of stopping; he remains determined to harm them. Despite this, Jeong is committed to protecting Doo Hee. The unfolding events leave us wondering about the next twists in the story. What do you think will happen next?


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