Onmyoji Episode 1 Recap: The Netflix original anime series “Onmyoji” has recently been released and is now available on the platform with both Japanese and English languages. For those who have watched it, here’s a recap and explanation of the ending for episode 1.

The first episode of “Onmyoji” opens with a display of demonic powers, as carts are seen being moved without the use of oxen. Observers present at the scene are quick to assume that such an act must be the result of some form of demonic influence. The series’ theme song then begins, setting the dark tone for the show. The first episode is fittingly titled “The Traveling Demon.”

Narihara instructs Hiromasa to eliminate the demon before it inflicts harm on others. Emphasizing the urgency, Narihara reveals that they’ve placed a curse on the oxcart, underscoring the need for Hiromasa to swiftly vanquish the demon to prevent further loss of lives. Hiromasa embarks on a quest to locate the demon. Unexpectedly, on his journey, he encounters Lord Seimei. Hiromasa narrates the entire situation to Lord Seimei, providing a detailed account of the incident involving the demon-possessed oxcart.

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Hiromasa regrets asking Lord Seimei for help, as he was planning to confront the Demon Princess alone. However, in the middle of the night, Lord Seimei showed up unexpectedly, eager to lend a hand. He even decided to accompany Hiromasa in facing the Demon Princess himself.

Lord Seimei provided Hiromasa with some relief by assuring him that Narihara would soon recover. However, things took a terrifying turn when the Demon Princess reappeared in the dead of night. Suddenly, a massive red hand emerged from the flames, snatching more innocent lives.

Lord Seimei reported seeing the dog again last night, after having seen it before on a prior occasion. Meanwhile, in the darkness, the Demon Princess conversed with an unknown individual. Lord Seimei and Hiromasa searched for the demon, with Lord Seimei suspecting that the Princess might be cursed with love. Eventually, they found the Demon Princess, who grew increasingly powerful as she displayed her emotions.

As a fierce battle ensues, an unexpected event takes place – the demon breaks down in tears upon seeing her beloved. In the aftermath, a flashback reveals the demon’s name to be Rindo and unveils her heart-wrenching past. Rindo, a princess, fell in love with an emperor, but the relationship was met with great hardship. And with that, episode one comes to a close.


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