“Onmyoji” Episode 10 Recap: The new Netflix anime show, Onmyoji, is generating a lot of buzz among fans and audiences alike. If you’ve been keeping up with the show, we’ve provided you with a recap of up to Episode 9. Now, it’s time to dive into Episode 10, known as “The Lost Curse.”

In the opening scene, Lord Seimei scours the land in search of the demon responsible for the curse on his life. Meanwhile, Lord Atsumi discusses important matters with Lord Hiromasa. In a sudden turn of events, Lord Seimei visits each member of the court in the middle of the night to identify the culprit. As the night progresses, the discussion among court members revolves solely around Lord Seimei.

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During a chance encounter, Hiromasa asks Yasunori for information about Seimei. Hiromasa decides to visit Seimei, who is busy developing a tool to locate the Nanamari demon. Meanwhile, Lord Kainie arrives and begins shouting at Seimei. Although the court is preparing for an upcoming festival, Seimei dismisses the idea, believing it to be unnecessary.

Hiromasa witnesses Lord Atsumi playing the flute in the evening and decides to stop playing himself, leading to a heavy price. After discussing the situation with Lord Atsumi, Hiromasa and Seimei venture out into the night to search for the demon. Seimei orders Hiromasa to play the flute, and although Hiromasa is hesitant, Seimei insists he play. Together, they set off to locate the demon.

The group journeys into a perilous forest, but with the assistance of the demon locator, they are able to locate Lord Yasunori. After meeting with Yasunori, Seimei’s suspicions are relieved when Yasunori confirms that he has not transformed into a demon. Furthermore, Yasunori detects the presence of Senkisako.

In this story, we learn that Atsumi is actually the demon who was seeking to kill Lord Seimei. However, Seimei discovers that Atsumi’s true target all along was Hiromasa. Unfortunately, Atsumi is able to carry out the deed, leaving Seimei feeling helpless and worried for the first time in a long while.

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In this episode, Hiromasa met his end at the hands of Lord Seimei. The scene concludes with an unexpected twist – Seimei sheds tears for the first time. It certainly was an emotional experience, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.


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