“Onmyoji” Episode 3 Recap: Discover Netflix’s A-rated anime action-adventure series featuring demons. With 13 episodes available in two languages and various subtitles, you can fully immerse yourself in this captivating series. If you need a refresher, be sure to check out the recaps for Episode 1 and Episode 2 for better understanding.

The recap and explanation of the second episode have been posted, so now it’s time to delve into the third installment. The episode opens with a chilling glimpse of two women characters, one of whom declares, “Tonight, I’ll play the Biwa again.” This intriguing line sets the tone for the rest of the episode, which begins with the intro.

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In the third episode, titled “Ashiya Doman,” Seimei and Hiromasa discover the existence of a new demon. A lady approaches them and reveals that Lady Fujigo, who has a penchant for playing the Biwa, is the demon’s next target. Lady Fujigo had been struggling since the passing of her husband three years ago, but was thankfully aided by her friend Princess Kujo.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Princess Kujo and Lady Fujigo

During a visit from a female Onmyoji, Princess Kujo and Lady Fujigo vanished without a trace. Koume reported seeing a bat-like creature in the vicinity at the same time. Keimei accepted the challenge to investigate and went there at midnight. While investigating, Keimei heard the sound of Biwa being played, and Hiromasa was also present. In a sudden turn of events, Kujo was injured, and Keimei was there to witness it all.

Encounter with a Bat-like Creature

Keimei informed Hiromasa that they would need to leave for the day and continue their investigation tomorrow. Upon returning home, Seimei updated Hiromasa on what they discovered about Shikhi’s. Unexpectedly, a bat-like creature appeared before them, leading them to the base of a female Onmyoji. The Onmyoji kindly offered them a beverage but as they looked around, they noticed an alarming number of bats hanging from the base, which left them feeling shaken.

Seimei’s Investigation of a Demonic Crime

In the wake of a dangerous occurrence, Seimei questions a demon and demands to know why she would toy with people’s lives. Hiromasa, enraged by this revelation, prompts Seimei to inquire about a curse. Although the demon promises that more information will be revealed, Seimei’s investigation leads him to Lady Fujiko. Despite Seimei’s efforts, Lady Fujiko struggles to accept the news of Kujo’s untimely death.
Lady Fujiko revealed that Kujo had passed away, which led Seimei to cast a spirit spell on him. Unfortunately, Kujo was cursed because Fujiko had wished to remain with him indefinitely. Seimei intervened to help by creating a condition that would lift the curse only if the wish was sacrificed.

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In this episode, Fujiko and Kujo were in tears as Kujo’s life was hanging in the balance. Fortunately, with the assistance of Seimei and Hiromasa, the curse was lifted, and the episode concluded.


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