“Onmyoji” Episode 4 Recap: If you’re an anime fan, you’re probably already hearing the buzz around the 13 episodes of “Onmyoji” streaming on Netflix. We’ve already posted a recap of the first three episodes, so let’s move on to the fourth one. Make sure to read the previous recaps to stay in the loop!

The fourth episode of the series introduces a new and terrifying demon, Tadami Mibu, who makes his first appearance at night. The demon’s sudden appearance frightened two young boys who were sitting nearby. This demon is the most horrifying one we’ve seen so far, and it’s not long before the show’s intro begins. The episode’s title is “A Rumor of Love.”

Two boys, afraid of Tadami Mibu, share their fears with others. It is revealed that Mibu is a vengeful spirit who lost to Kanemori Taira and died shortly thereafter. Interestingly, Hiromasa was also present during the encounter.

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After declining Seimei’s offer for assistance, Hiromasa leaves and comes across Lord Atsumi, who is playing the flute at the same spot. It’s been a while since they last met, and Atsumi comments that Hiromasa is still very much a child.

The group of boys were still talking about Tadami Mibu, who sadly passed away after only one defeat. Seeking assistance from Lord Hiromasa, they also invited Seimei to the gathering. There, Seimei discovered the presence of Tadami Mibu’s demonic spirit, which was haunting the area.

Hiromasa and Tadami Mibu had met before in a poetry competition, and Tadami was known for his ability to convey emotions through his poems and music. However, after his death, he was rumored to have become a demon. Despite this, Hiromasa refused to believe his friend could be evil. One night, Tadami appeared to both of them, reciting the same poem repeatedly. Seimei, however, began chanting the demon chant, which appeared to be troubling Tadami.

The following day, Hiromasa and Seimei accompanied Lord Tadami to a poetry competition in another town. After suffering a defeat, Tadami struggled to hide his disappointment. However, the experience allowed Hiromasa and Seimei to learn more about Tadami Mibu. They gathered poetry books and novels that belonged to the lord, which revealed his deep passion for literature. Despite his losses, Tadami spent most of his income on books and crafts.

Seimei was already aware of the truth when they went to Lord Kanemorie’s place. Kanemorie had stolen Tadami Mibu’s poem, which left him devastated and broken. Seimei and Hiromasa devised a plan – they would help Tadami Mibu win the poetry competition. Atsumi was tasked with reciting Tadami Mibu’s poem.

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In episode four, Seimei takes on the role of judge during the competition. However, Tadami reverts back to being a demon and repeats the phrase “My Love” once more. Meanwhile, Hiromasa encounters a new demon. The episode ends with Tadami’s story hanging in the balance.


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