“Onmyoji” Episode 5 Recap: To fully grasp the details of this episode, we highly recommend reading the post for Episode 4. In case you missed it, we have already published a recap and explanation up to that point.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what happened in the latest episode. For a more connected experience, feel free to check out our recaps and explanations of the previous episodes.

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Continuing from where Kanemorie left off in episode five, we find out that Tadami had an encounter with a strange man during the poem competition. The man had a request for Tadami, which prompted an ominous smile from him before the intro appears.

Lord Seimei Meets Lord Yantsuri

Despite Lord Seimei’s efforts to exorcise Tadami Mibu, he failed. Both Lord Seimei and Hiromasa realized that Lord Kanemori’s poem wasn’t responsible for Tadami’s condition. This leads the investigation down a different path, as they begin to search for a suspicious man. In the midst of their efforts, Lord Seimei crosses paths with Lord Yantsuri.

Discovering Tadami’s Secret

Seimei and Hiromasa visit Tadami’s father to learn more about the enigmatic poet. What they uncover is a startling truth – many of the poems attributed to Tadami were not penned by him. Hiromasa is taken aback upon hearing this revelation from Tadami’s father, who also divulges that his son never possessed any true poetry talent. The duo learns that Tadami has been under the influence of a demon.

A poet, together with a demon, composed poems about the beautiful Yoshino Mountains. They presented their poems to a suspicious demon who was also a friend of Tadami. Upon learning of Tadami’s death, the poet demon broke down in tears. The poet demon had no idea of Tadami’s passing and was devastated to learn that he had lost his only friend. The poet demon had previously assisted Tadami in preparing for a poetry contest. Unfortunately, Tadami informed the poet demon that their collaborations were over since he lost the competition.

In the dead of night, the demon came to Tadami and helped him finish his poem about the word “My Love.” When the contest came, Tadami was thrilled to discover that his poem had the potential to win. He confessed that his true passion was the reason for his death, and lamented that he never became a demon himself.

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Tadami requested that Seimei exorcise him, as the demon was upset about losing a cherished friend. This added an emotional element to the episode. Seimei performed the exorcism, leaving Hiromasa feeling heartbroken because he wanted Tadami to live longer. Hiromasa was disappointed with Seimei for carrying out the exorcism, and, as a result, the episode came to a close.


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