“Onmyoji” Episode 6 Recap: We’re excited to share our latest episode with you! In case you missed it, we’ve already posted a recap of the first five episodes. Our last episode featured the moving story of Tadami Mibu. Now, it’s time to dive into the next installment – Episode Six: “The Lady Who Loved Insects.”

The episode opens with a serene blue sky and mysterious voices in the background discussing the infamous Bug Princess. Her father approaches her and insists she marry a respectable man, but no one is willing due to her reputation in the village. This is followed by the introduction sequence.

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In relation to the princess’s situation, Michinaga seeks Seimei’s advice. Michinaga informs the princess that she appears to have an infatuation with caterpillars. Additionally, the female demon from Episode 3 makes another appearance.

In this story, the princess’s father pleads with a demon for assistance. The demon proposes a 10+10 day treatment, which results in the creation of a new insect over the course of 20 days. Subsequently, the princess becomes infatuated with insects and develops an obsessive fascination with them. However, the insect that was born from the demon’s treatment grows to an enormous size.

When Seimei arrived at the princess’s palace, he noticed some children playing. Seimei then proceeded to warn the princess that the transformed Kuromaru insect would eventually prey on humans due to its massive size. While feeling nostalgic for Hiromasa, Seimei expressed his concern that Kuromaru could be a danger to others. Despite Kuromaru’s attempt to attack, the princess reassured Seimei that the insect would not harm anyone.

In another location, Hiromasa and Atsumi were playing an enchanting tune on their flutes. Suddenly, Lady Demon approached Hiromasa. Meanwhile, the princess’s father was in distress and sought help from Lord Seimei. However, Seimei remained silent. The father’s ultimate desire was to get his daughter married.

On the other side, Doman begins to suggest that once the insect is eliminated, he intends to harness it for a curse. Kuromaru will then proceed to target and eliminate individuals disliked by the princess. The prospect of these insects turning against humans is indeed chilling.

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Hiromasa and Seimei team up to take down Lady Doman. Meanwhile, Kuromaru undergoes a transformation, giving way to a stunning new creature. The princess’s father is also taken with the insect’s beauty. Hiromasa offers an apology to Seimei, and the episode concludes with the introduction of another demon.


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